Kindergarten Class Sings 'Happy Birthday' to Baby Chick after Watching It Hatch From Egg


Sure, you may have seen cute. You may have seen really cute.

But have you seen a kindergarten class singing “Happy Birthday” to an egg as it hatches cute?

Maybe you have, which means you’ve probably seen this video. If you haven’t, however, let me tell you something — this is what you need in your life today.

According to Bustle, the video was originally uploaded by a Twitter user who said that it was “my moms kindergarten class watching a chick hatch and then singing happy birthday to it.”

Which sounds ridiculously cute in and of itself, mind you, but that’s kind of putting the cuteness in a rather muted form.

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At the beginning, one of the kids can be heard whispering, “Break, break, break, break!” as if he were chanting at an NBA game.

It seems to have worked, since the chirping bundle of joy continues to break through the egg with renewed vigor, chirping all the way.

Finally, the little chick breaks out of the egg, and the class breaks out in song with “Happy Birthday.”

As the video ends, one of the kids punctuates the proceedings “cha-cha-cha.”.

KSL-TV’s John Clyde writes that “my first-grader has let me know is a thing now, and one of the children cautions his or her peer to be quiet because this is a baby after all.

“So what does the admonished child do? Whispers ‘cha cha cha’ a little quieter than before.”

Now, personally, I don’t know how old John Clyde is, but it was a thing when I was a kid too.

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Without totally dating myself, let me just note that I could ride in the front seat without a car seat as a 5-year-old, I could eat raw cookie dough without my parents freaking out and my first computer was an Atari ST. So “cha-cha-cha” has been a thing for a while.

This being said, we both acknowledge one thing: this is ridiculously cute.

While there’s no actual date on the video — and the original post was made private on Twitter — the whole thing went viral in January of this year, so we can safely date it to sometime around then.

Either way, “Happy Birthday” indeed, little chick. Rest assured, the world knows who you are.

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