Kitten Survives After Kids on School Bus See Him Thrown from Moving Car

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Seeing an animal out in the streets, dodging traffic, is a horrible sight. They can cause accidents and get themselves gravely injured or killed in the process, as people try to avoid hitting them.

It’s sad enough when dogs and cats find their own way onto roads and highways, but when someone places them there, it’s a whole other level of sad and cruel.

Unfortunately, that’s just what some kids on a bus witnessed on Wednesday, October 3 in Winterport, Maine. They told their bus driver that someone in a car next to them had just lobbed a little black-and-white furball at the bus.

The unnamed bus driver stopped and picked up the poor critter, before passing it off to a coworker, who took it to a grooming salon that worked with rescue cats.

The salon then took the kitten to Ridge Runner Veterinary Services, where veterinary assistant Jen Marlow first met the bedraggled creature. Little did the kitten know that meeting Marlow would be his saving grace.

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EDIT: The GoFundMe is WAY over goal! Hiccup thanks you! Still want to contribute? Donate to help other abandoned kittens like Hiccup, so they never feel unwanted again. #justiceforhiccup ———– This is Hiccup. Soon he gets to move into Sunstone Hideaway where @burr_zach, @inkslingerducky, and his new brother Buoy are, but he needs surgery first! He says: My old family threw me out of their moving car, and I have a broken femur. A GoFundMe link is in the bio – please help the nice vets who rescued me and want to save my leg! #kittiesofinstagram #adoptdontshop #kitten #fluffball #fuzzbutt #catsofinstagram #rescuekitten #brokenfemur #kittensofinstagram #babycat #purrmachine #justiceforhiccup

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“The [bus driver] stopped because the kids on the bus were all screaming,” she told Bangor Daily News. “Thankfully, she stopped in time and picked up the kitten.”

“He was pretty emaciated,” she commented on the kitten’s initial condition. “Poor buddy. He was covered in fleas and full of worms.”

Besides the fleas and worms, the kitten had been scraped up from his tumble, and had a badly fractured leg. The break was so bad that the vet hospital was prepared to amputate it.

They named him “Hiccup” as they were considering amputating the leg, after the main character in the movie “How to Train Your Dragon” — who also happens to have a missing leg.

When another vet’s office heard the poor kitten’s story, they offered to help, thinking they might be able to do the complicated surgery, but after examining the leg everyone decided the best thing would just be to let it heal on its own, since anesthesia and surgery would be risky.

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That means a lot of rest and down time for Hiccup — but have you ever tried to keep a puppy or kitten from moving around? It’s no easy feat!

“He’s the sweetest little ball of love, it’s ridiculous. I’m surprised that after someone treated him so badly that he’s still so loveable,” Marlowe said. “All he wanted was to be picked up.”

As it turned out, Marlow’s sister saw the kitten and fell in love. That’s not always how things work out for animals dropped off at veterinary clinics.

“That’s sadly not the case,” Marlow said, referring to people thinking they can abandon pets with vets and they’ll be rehomed. “Still, it just breaks my heart that someone would just throw him out of a window.”

“I don’t understand how someone could do something like that. It was very hard for all of us here to wrap our heads around someone thinking that this would be a good idea.”

“He definitely got the short end of the stick at first. Now, he has a very loving mom and dad that adore him and are very happy to have him.”

“There are good people,” Marlow added. “He’s in a safer place now. He will have a happier life.”

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