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Kitten Trapped on Deadly Highway, Rewards Cop Who Saved Her Life with Cuddles and Purrs


Most people who see a dog or cat in dire straits would want to help. It’s never good for anyone involved when a pet gets out and finds its way onto a busy road — those kinds of escapades generally end in heartbreak.

And watching as they happen? Horrible. That’s why when some people see a critter in traffic, they’ll do anything to get them out, including rushing into traffic themselves.

There’s a heart-stopping video caught by a woman on a motorcycle who realized a tiny kitten was stranded in the middle of an intersection in Oklahoma.

It’s terrifying to watch as several trucks pass by the tiny orange fuzzball with only inches to spare. The orange tabby scrambles back and forth over the road, scared and in imminent danger.

Thankfully, his rescuer spotted him, stopped traffic, picked him up and took him home. He was named “Skid” and became her forever kitty.

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Thankfully, both kitten and rescuer made it out alive, but it’s never a guarantee when busy roadways are involved.

That’s probably why this rescue involved a cop, who could safely rescue a kitten in a very dangerous spot.

Have you ever helped rescue an animal?

The kitten was perched on a divider, with several lanes of highway on either side.

If the kitten had fallen off, she likely would have run, terrified, into traffic and been hit. It was Officer Jason Smith who got the call and saw the kitten on the barrier wall.

Making sure there were others in place to control the traffic, he hopped out of his vehicle and moved toward the kitten, who was hiding next to a cartoon glove that had been stuck on the divider.

Even in the body cam footage, you can hear the poor baby crying as the officer approaches. She was desperate to be rescued, and her crying is heartbreaking.

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Other than a potentially singed tail, the kitten seemed healthy — and incredibly grateful. She meowed and purred and tried to wrap herself around Smith’s neck like a feline scarf.

Smith was a goner from the moment he rescued her; he knew she’d eventually join their family. Once she got through her stray hold, “Bella” went home with him and has settled in just fine.

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