On Food Stamps and Verge of Homelessness, Reveals Turning Point as Single Mom That Changed Everything

Kristina Kuzmic has described herself as a blogger, vlogger, public speaker, and exhausted (but happy) mom. There was a time, though, when she would have described herself as only broken and depressed.

Yet, she has made sure to make the distinction between brokenness and worthlessness. She struggled greatly after her divorce.

She and her children were on food stamps. They were even on the verge of homelessness.

Then, Kuzmic had a turning point. She recently shared what changed everything. https://twitter.com/shannoncovfefe/status/881542639656501248

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She found herself disgusted with how low she had sunk. So, she decided to volunteer.

She would pull herself out of despair by helping others. The only problem was that she could not afford a babysitter.

Every organization politely rejected her application because of her inability to come without her kids. After being rejected from even volunteering, and at a new low, she made herself come up with just one skill she still had to offer to the world.

She realized she could cook a tasty meal on a budget. Kuzmic sent an email to all of her L.A. area contacts, inviting them over to her tiny apartment for “Wednesday Night Dinners.”

She told them that her doors were wide open starting at 6 p.m. to anybody in need of a free meal. Guests filled the apartment and ate the pasta dish made from dollar store ingredients.

After everybody left, Kuzmic sobbed on the ground. She had “experienced her first glimmer of healing.”

Wednesday Night Dinners made her realize she had something to offer. They made her realize that she was broken, but not worthless — and from that realization sprang new confidence, hope, and determination.