Laura Loomer Handcuffs Herself to Front Door of Twitter HQ To Protest Ban


Social media can often feel like a different world, a place remote and detached from reality.

For right-leaning journalist Laura Loomer, however, the online world and everyday life have just clashed. On Thursday, the popular commentator staged a protest of Twitter by handcuffing herself to the door of the social media giant’s New York headquarters.

Loomer is protesting what she believes is anti-conservative political bias after she was banner from Twitter for posting her opinion about a Muslim congresswoman.

“Twitter closed the conservative firebrand’s account a week ago after she posted a tweet criticizing Minnesota Rep.-elect Ilhan Omar, a Democrat, and her Muslim faith, calling Omar ‘anti Jewish’ and pro-Sharia law,” NBC News reported.

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The left is supposed to champion free speech and diversity of opinions. Apparently expressing a view about an elected official is now grounds to be de-platformed in America.

“As many of you may have heard, I was permanently banned from Twitter for life on November 21, 2018, and then I was banned for 30 days from Facebook less than 24 hours later, in another example of collusion by tech giants to censor conservative voices,” the journalist confirmed on her official site.

“What was my offense?” she asked. “Did I spew hateful, violent rhetoric towards anyone as we frequently see leftist celebrities and politicians do online? Nope.”

“The tweet that Twitter decided to ban me for was a tweet full of facts about Sharia law. It was a tweet directed at Ilhan Omar, a newly elected Congresswoman, a politician, a public figure, which pointed out that her support of Sharia law does not make her an ally for gay people, women, or Jews, as Twitter would like you to believe,” Loomer continued.

Her official site showed the tweet that got her banned, and also compared it to a Twitter post by Omar which essentially called Israel “evil.” That tweet from the liberal was left untouched by the social media giant, while Loomer was suspended for life.

“I am not going to stand by as people like Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg [try to] silence the voices of millions of conservatives,” she said during her protest.

“This is America. This is not the Middle East. We should be upholding our First Amendment rights,” she insisted.

Loomer also pointed to glaring differences between hateful or strongly opinionated tweets posted by certain groups that are allowed to stay on the site, while countless conservatives have faced bans for posting their views.

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Protesting outside Twitter’s building isn’t the only thing the controversial journalist has planned. On Wednesday, Loomer also announced that she’ll be joining a lawsuit against major social media companies, including Google, Facebook and Twitter.

“Added as a lead plaintiff today was Laura Loomer, a courageous Jewish female journalist who was just banned from Twitter and Facebook for criticizing a Muslim congresswoman,” attorney and Judicial Watch founder Larry Klayman stated.

“The retaliation by Twitter and Facebook, as set forth in the Amended Complaint, was not only a violation of our antitrust laws and other laws, but wreaked of anti-Semitism against a Jewish conservative woman,” Klayman also commented.

“I found it necessary to join this lawsuit to end the discrimination by big tech social media companies against Conservatives like myself,” Loomer added.

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