Left Wing Group Desperately Tries To Capitalize on Lame Harris Quote from VP Debate


A group of leftist activists online are attempting to capitalize on a statement made by Sen. Kamala Harris during Wednesday’s vice presidential debate in Utah with Vice President Mike Pence.

Naturally, those on the left were watching the debate, seeking any example they could find of perceived sexism and misogyny.

The moment apparently came, although it sounded rehearsed, when the California Democrat falsely declared the Democratic presidential nominee would not raise taxes on the average American family, should he be elected.

“Mr. Vice President, I’m speaking. I’m speaking,” Harris said in a real zinger that felt anything but authentic.

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Pence had interrupted to remind Harris, and those watching, that her boss would indeed raise taxes on average Americans by repealing the Trump tax cuts, which have put thousands of extra dollars in the pockets of American families annually for three years via the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017.

“The importance is the truth,” Pence said as Harris blathered on about the Democrats’ plans for raising taxes.

But the line, “I’m speaking,” is now being hailed as some sort of battle cry for every woman who has ever been “mansplained” to or interrupted for any reason.

Do you think Harris helps the Biden ticket?

Ironically, the group Swing Left is using the line in an attempt to hawk overpriced T-shirts online to promote the now-signature Harris catchphrase.

Harris is of course anything but a free-market capitalist, and in fact, some might refer to her as friendly toward socialism.

In any event, leftists supporting a big government candidate are attempting to make big money off a perception that she singularly defeated the patriarchy.

A Swing Left tweet uses images of long sleeve shirts and mugs for sale, which both declare, “I’M SPEAKING” on them.

“Senator Harris spoke. We listened. Pick up an “I’m Speaking” shirt or mug to support our work right now,” the Swing Left account said.

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A link on the post directs users to the webpage of the online group Voting is Sexy, which sells apparel asking people to vote.

Voting is Sexy stops just short of telling you who to vote for, but it’s pretty obvious which way the group leans.

The group says on its website, “It is time for a change in the White House.”

The hideous “I’M SPEAKING” shirt is currently selling for $40 on the website, as are other pieces of leftist merch.

Voting is Sexy is notably not selling merchandise with what was probably the most memorable line of the evening — which came as Harris lied about the GOP planning to expose people with preexisting health conditions to an environment where they have no health insurance.

“You’re entitled to your own opinion, you’re not entitled to your own facts,” Pence told Harris.

That line would make one heck of a T-shirt slogan.

It remains to be seen how many shirts Swing Left will be able to sell on behalf of Voting is Sexy, but it’s not likely that the line “I’m speaking” would carry the same weight during negotiations with the country’s adversaries as the leftists think it did versus the vice president.

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