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BLM Activist Blasts "Anchor Babies" Comment, Realizes Trump Was Right All Along

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There’s nothing quite as entertaining as seeing hypocrisy exposed. Several liberals just had to eat crow after their fury over Donald Trump’s past statement on “anchor babies” turned out to be incredibly one-sided.

Free Beacon reporter Alex Griswold just pointed out the two-facedness of the left, and shared two Twitter posts from the same liberal activist to prove the point.

DeRay Mckesson describes himself as “a leading voice in the Black Lives Matter Movement,” and frequently speaks for liberal issues on social media. It’s no surprise that the activist is no fan of Trump, as shown by a tweet from 2015 shared by Alex Griswold.

“I’m just getting caught up on the ‘anchor babies’ statement from Jeb and Trump,” Mckesson wrote in August 2015. “It’s almost as if they go out of their way to offend folks,” he lectured.

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The was a reference to Trump’s opposition to birthright citizenship, and his claim that foreigners who have no other connection to America are coming into the country and having children — “anchor babies” — here, in order to automatically give them citizenship without having to go through any application process.

“How crazy – 7.5% of all births in U.S. are to illegal immigrants, over 300,000 babies per year. This must stop. Unaffordable and not right!” Trump posted that same month.

A Washington Post fact check found that Trump was basically right. “Trump is essentially correct that about 300,000 children a year are born in the United States with at least one parent who is an undocumented immigrant,” the respected newspaper reported.

Liberals, including DeRay Mckesson, were outraged at the term “anchor baby” and rallied to defend illegal immigrants bending the law and coming to our country in order to have their children here.

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Well, they defended illegal immigrants who have dark skin, at least. When it comes to foreigners who are not “people of color,” to borrow the left’s favorite term, the outrage suddenly shifted.

Fast forward to January 10, 2018. Suddenly, Mckesson and other leftists stopped defending “anchor baby” immigrants… because their skin was the wrong color.

“A growing number of Russians are coming to the U.S. to give birth,” an NBC News article posted by Mckesson stated. “These kids will have the right to live and work here.”

DeRay Mckesson’s response communicated his sudden distaste for the scheme he defended just a few short years ago. “Oh,” he posted in a deadpan message.

Other liberal were even more clear about their flip-flop on the issue.

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“The whiteness of this story has me stuck,” whined a verified Twitter leftist named Ferrari Sheppard. “Meanwhile brown and black folks are being banned and deported.”

To liberals, it seems, immigration policy and outrage varies based on the color of a person’s skin. If “the whiteness” increases, so does their opposition to the immigrants. But conservatives are the racist ones, remember.

“What is a good birthright citizenship-loving, Russia-hating liberal supposed to do?” cried Phil Kerpen, another verified Twitter bigshot.

Apparently openly bragging about hating an entire nationality is fine if it’s a white Eurasian country, yet suggesting we should be concerned about well-proven immigration problems on the southern border makes someone literally Hitler.

To be clear, there is no indication that President Trump or other Republicans were any less concerned about “anchor baby” practices from Russia as they are from any other country.

Essentially, the left created a straw man argument based on their own anti-Trump stereotypes, and then demonstrated their own casual racism in the process.

At the same time, they ironically admitted that Trump might have been right: The “anchor baby” issue is happening, and it needs to be looked at.

The reality is that unenforced immigration laws and lax border security is a problem across the board, no matter the “whiteness” of the people doing it. Liberals want desperately to see every issue through their own racial blinders, but the facts don’t care about their one-sided narrative.

H/T The Daily Caller

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