'Liberal Lobotomy': Mike Huckabee Goes Off After MSNBC Host Claims White House Women Are Dead Inside


The left claims to stand with women and against intolerance — at least until a female has political opinions they don’t approve of.

It’s hard to come to any other conclusion after MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace suggested that women in the White House, including President Donald Trump’s family members, were “dead inside.”

“Are (the Trump women) just the most stoic human beings, are they numb, are they dead inside, are they paid off, I mean, what’s their deal?” Wallace wondered on air, responding to Rudy Giuliani’s statement that he doesn’t have much respect for porn stars like Stormy Daniels.

In liberal land, having sex on camera for money apparently makes you a hero, but being a strong woman in the White House makes you dead inside.

That absurd statement sparked the ire of former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, who unloaded on the MSNBC talking head and defended women who work in the Trump administration, including his own daughter.

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“The peacock network has become the turkey network,” Huckabee declared during a Saturday appearance on Fox News Channel’s  “Justice with Judge Jeanine.”

“I think they need to rename it BS-NBC,” he said, according to The Daily Caller.

Judge Jeanine Pirro had already skewered Wallace for the ridiculous statement during an earlier appearance on the Fox network.

“The whole idea to say that women who support Trump are ‘numb’ or ‘dead inside,’ how dare you trash the women of this country as ‘dead inside’ because we don’t agree with you,”  Pirro said.

Do you think Wallace's comment was intolerant toward women?

Huckabee, father of current White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, agreed with that sentiment.

“I just don’t even know what happened to Nicolle Wallace. They must have done a liberal lobotomy on her because I’ve never seen anybody have such a personality change,” Huckabee said.

“I think they’re just jealous that there are people who don’t agree with their liberal nonsense,” Huckabee added. “You can be a woman in America as long as you are liberal, but God help you if you might be a conservative because that just doesn’t work with these people.”

Huck, as usual, is right on the money. He summarized the left succinctly: They pretend to be deeply concerned about a “war on women,” but turn right around and hurl insults at any female conservative who can be targeted.

As Huckabee pointed out, the left isn’t actually “tolerant” of diverse views from women after all. What they really mean, it certainly appears, is that they support liberal women who happen to agree with them and vote in a pre-approved way.

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If a female dares have an independent thought or leans to the right, she is immediately attacked and called “dead inside” — or worse.

This is the opposite of tolerance. It’s a clique, an in-crowd of busybodies who accept others only if they match, and reject anyone who happens to be different.

The left may not have realized it, but their “we support women” act is wearing thin. The American people have started to notice it isn’t genuine, and this recent attack on females in the White House is just the latest example of why.

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