Liberal Professor Has Public Meltdown After Seeing Flight Attendant Without Mask, It Backfires Badly


Amir Attaran, a professor at the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Law and School of Epidemiology and Public Health, truly lost control of his senses on Saturday after spotting a United Airlines flight attendant without a mask.

Attaran, who was traveling from Ottawa to Chicago, took to Twitter and delivered a lengthy series of posts that became more and more unhinged as the flight wore on.

Transport Canada, the department responsible for setting COVID-19 guidelines, requires masks on flights leaving the country must remain masked throughout their journey. The requirement covers the duration of the flight, Canadian Television reported in April.

In the first post, which included several photos he’d taken of the maskless flight attendant, Attaran wrote: “Hey @United, why are you breaking the law? Masks are required on all flights out of Canada. Your flight attendant isn’t wearing one! This is UA3737 in Ottawa right now.”

He tagged the official Twitter accounts of United Airlines, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Transport Canada, the Air Passenger Rights organization, and Canadian news outlets including the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, the Toronto Globe and Mail newspaper and the Vancouver-based Global News.

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Attaran continued:

Attaran received a surprisingly prompt reply from United Airlines which said:

But he wasn’t satisfied with the airline’s response.

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He continued with his irrational rant.

Believe it or not, Attaran’s tweets continued.

But the reaction might not have been what he was hoping for. After two long years of dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, and the bossy, busybody types who used it to indulge in their own dictatorial fantasies (the kind of adults who apparently have a fetish about being hall monitors for people they’ve never even met) many, many people have gotten tired of whining like Attaran’s.

And the social media response showed.

This man is more than “that kid” in school. His behavior on Saturday crossed a line. The sight of an unmasked flight attendant sent him spiraling into madness.

Sadly, entrenched in the world of academia as he is, Attaran will likely face no repercussions from his employer. He should.

In the first year or two of the pandemic, people may have tolerated fanatics like Attaran, but those days are gone. Although people still wear masks out of courtesy and safety, particularly in hospitals and medical offices, society is largely over mask orders, the people who enforce them, and those who shame non-maskers.

At long last, the world is moving on.

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