Liberals Call for Boycott of MSNBC After Interview They Hate


It’s a little hard to tell here what liberals are more afraid of. Is it that Steve Bannon hasn’t been banished to obscurity after he was fired from the White House, or is it that he’s being given a platform with which to continue to share his views?

Either way, you can tell liberals are more than just a little twitchy about Bannon being on the airwaves and in the news again. And they are outraged one of their own, MSNBC’s Ari Melber, gave him airtime on the liberal network Friday.

The left-wing site Media Matters led the objection to Bannon’s resurfacing in a piece titled, “Stop Interviewing Steve Bannon: How Many Exclusives Can One Discredited Crank Give?”

You have to laugh at the title because it clearly suggests liberals thought Bannon was ousted from the White House with a stake driven through his heart, never to be heard from again.

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Are you surprised to see Steve Bannon being interviewed on MSNBC?

In his short piece, Media Matters’ Simon Maloy wrote that Bannon has had at least 22 interviews by various media outlets in a span of six months. As I’ve rarely seen a liberal walk away from a potshot,  Maloy labeled Bannon as a “whack job extremist” and sarcastically praised his return to the media spotlight.

“Back in March, I wrote that Bannon ‘is looking to prove once and for all that a whack job extremist — no matter how disgraced or putrefied by white supremacist politics — can still command the attention and respect of America’s elite.’ Congrats, Steve: mission accomplished,” Maloy said.

All of these Bannon sightings have stirred up the left-wing masses. Twitter was abuzz with criticism from liberals that their MSNBC ally would feature an interview him on Melber’s program.

Actor Bruno Amato called for a boycott of MSNBC for giving time to a “Racist Drunk Nazi, America hater, Trump propogandist.”

Rosie O’Donnell also weighed in, saying it’s unacceptable for the mainstream media to provide Bannon a platform to “spew his hate filled rhetoric.”

Many other liberals joined the angry chorus.

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If it’s true there is no honor among thieves, it must certainly be true that there is no loyalty between liberals and their media outlets.

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