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Little Boy Comes Home to Drive-by Parade To Celebrate Him Finishing Cancer Treatments After Ringing Bell at Hospital


The last thing any mother wants to experience is her child in pain. It’s a sad reality that many have to face, but thankfully there are many people willing and ready to both help when things are bad and celebrate when they take a positive turn.

One mom, who goes by Foxx on Twitter, recently shared her son’s cancer story, and her posts about him have brought smiles and hope to many readers.

“I know there are many people who wonders what is going on with Bam,” she shared on May 6. “However, I decided to keep it private because of how sensitive and critical the circumstances are.”

When her son first started experiencing blurred vision, Foxx did what any mother would: She took her son to an eye specialist.

In a post on Twitter, she wrote that she figured her son (referred to as “Bam”) needed glasses — but the optometrist couldn’t find anything wrong with Bam’s eyes.

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The next stop was with a neurologist, who ordered a scan of the boy’s brain. An MRI revealed a tumor in Bam’s brain, and they determined he had Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma.

Testing determined that the tumor was cancerous, and initial treatments only complicated the situation.

“The radiation treatments caused the tumor to swell which affected his ability to walk and his left side of his body does not function correctly,” she wrote. “Still he just laughed and remained happy and positive.”

On May 5, he completed his radiation treatments and got to ring the bell at the hospital.

“Today he has completed his last radiation treatment and he got to ring the completion bell!” she shared. “I am so [proud] of him! He’s been so strong through all of this! I love you forever son!”

But fanfare from the medical professionals wasn’t all this proud mother had in store for Bam. She’d arranged for many other people to show him some love on such a happy day.

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“I asked our family and friends to come out to celebrate this special day of completion!” she continued. “He was so glad and surprised that everybody came and showed him this much love.”

“We love love love everyone who came out with gifts, decorated posters, support and praises! This is only the beginning for him!”

Foxx also shared a video of the automobile procession that went by their home to encourage and support Bam.

“We gave him a drive by parade right after his treatment,” she posted on May 7. “All of our family and friends drove by in their cars to shower him with gifts, decorated signs and praises! I will never forget this day and I’m pretty sure he will not.”

The kindness certainly warmed Bam’s heart, but it probably cheered his mother just as much, if not more.

“God is with me through the rain and the pain mom,” Bam told her, according to her post. “You don’t have to worry about anything.”

While the family is celebrating this wonderful milestone, Foxx is asking for continued prayers that the cancer will not return.

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