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Little Boy Left Sobbing Moment He's Reunited with Missing Cat


Thanks to a microchip, a little boy was left sobbing when he was reunited with his cat who had been missing for seven months.

If you ever lost a pet as a child, you know how this kid feels.

You probably were worried sick, standing on your front steps calling your pet’s name over and over again.

You likely rode your bike through the neighborhood, scanning hiding spots and scouring the sidewalks for signs of your pet.

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Cats are clever animals, the adults would have said, trying to reassure you — cats are very capable of finding their way home.

So at first, there is hope.

Hope that your pet is safe, off on a fun adventure somewhere, determined to return when the time is right.

But as weeks turn to months, the hope begins to wane.

You begin to accept the reality that in all likelihood, you’ll never see your beloved fluffy friend again.

For this little boy, seven long months had passed since his cat went missing.

He had probably resolved he’d never see his kitty again — if kitty was going to come home, it would have happened by now.

Kitty was even microchipped — so surely, if someone had found it, they’d have called.

That’s why, when this boy came home one day, he was utterly speechless to see his orange-and-white cat standing in his living room.

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The boy dropped his backpack on the floor and began to cry.

In shock and disbelief, he picked up his cat and stared at its face, wondering if this reality was too good to be true.

He sobbed as he pulled his cat close and gave it a long-overdue embrace.

Kitty seemed happy to be home, too, as it allowed the boy to keep it close.

As the sobs subsided, laughter emerged — a joyful, incredible moment that this boy likely never thought would actually happen.

The video’s caption credited the cat’s microchip as the reason for the cat’s safe return home.

We’ll never know what kitty was up to for seven months, but thanks to its microchip and probably several pairs of human hands, kitty is back home, safe and sound.

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