Little Boy Overjoyed When He Learns He'll Soon Be Big Brother on Same Day He's Adopted


Jordan Dickerson is a pediatric nurse at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital. She gets to interact with children all day, which is how she met little Jeremiah.

The little boy was not only dealing with health complications, he was dealing with the absence of a family. As she got to know him, Jordan was captivated by the little boy’s infectious joy.

“We fell in love with his smile and his joy,” she said, according to Good Morning America. “We just knew he was going to fit in our family. There was no denying it.”

It started with a message that Jordan sent to her husband, asking him to pray about Jeremiah. “I knew there was something different about him. I couldn’t get him out of my head. I called my husband and said, ‘Pray that we can bring Jeremiah home,'” she said.

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They prayed, and they waited, and it seemed like everything was pointing to Jeremiah being theirs — but then another family stepped in to foster him.

“I knew that he was supposed to be our son, so I was confused and upset,” Dickerson said.

But later they found out that the family was no longer fostering him, so they hurried to get all the background checks and training done so they could claim the son they knew was meant to be theirs.

“And finally on June 29, 2017 we got a call that our home was officially open for foster care placement and we could go pick up our boy and bring him home,” she wrote in a Facebook post.

“This morning I told Jeremiah it was a special day. We have flipped through pictures of the day he came home but also all that we have done in this past year. He crawled onto my lap and hugged me saying ‘Thank you, Jesus, for bringing me home dat day one last time.'”

“Baby boy, please don’t ever forget to thank God for what He has done and will do in your life. We have been given so much joy through you and the little life you’ve shared with us this past year.”

Jeremiah was able to go home with the Dickersons in June of 2017, but on July 16, he officially became family.

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“It was an emotional day,” Dickerson recalled. “In the end, Jeremiah has blessed our family more than we could ever imagined.”

But it was a double blessing — one Jeremiah seemed to know more about than even his parents.

“Jeremiah prayed to God in April thanking Him for his baby sister,” Dickerson wrote in another Facebook post. “We thought he was crazy at the time. Here we are, 4 months later finding out since then not only that I was pregnant but now that he’s also getting his baby sister he prayed for! We are all so thrilled!!”

They used the photo op at the courthouse to also take a photo announcing that a new member of the family was on the way.

All of them are excited about the baby girl due early in  2019, but Jeremiah can’t wait to start teaching her how to play all his favorite sports. He’ll make a fantastic big brother!

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