Little Boy Runs Outside Sobbing To Say 'I Love You' to Dad Before He Leaves for Work


If you grew up in a household of boys, or perhaps have raised a troop of your own, you’ll understand all too well the daily interactions and conversations that run through little boy minds.

There isn’t a tactful way to say it, but you’ll understand: in a boy-driven house, jokes seem to center around poop. Toilets. Farting. All of the above.

Potty humor is hilarious to the little boy mind, and is especially hilarious at the dinner table, as parents try to enjoy a civilized meal to the tune of fart jokes. Yes, you can steer the conversation in other ways, but that doesn’t mean they won’t try again tomorrow.

Just the other day, my mother-in-law graciously responded to my little boy when he lovingly said, “Bye, Grandma-poop!”

She understands his childlike mind, that in his little boy heart, he loves his grandma and bestowed her with the greatest honor possible by including her in his poop joke.

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I’m glad to see I’m not alone, as evidenced by the adorable little boy in the following video. This little boy is so relatable because he loves fart jokes, and he especially loves his Daddy.

As Dad left the house for work, dressed in a collared shirt and tie, his little boy wanted to wish him well.

“Be a good fart machine today!” the little boy told his dad.

“You be a good fart machine today,” Dad responded, adding, “Tell Mommy to be a good fart machine.”

Then, the conversation got even better: “Go to work and be a good fart machine at work!”

“That’s what I do all day,” Dad joked. “That’s my job.”

Dad closed the door, leaving his son feeling suddenly sad at the thought that his beloved dad was leaving for the whole entire day. He’d forgotten to say how much he loved his dad.

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The little boy dashed out the door and yelled after his dad, who hadn’t yet gotten into the car.

Luckily for his little boy heart, he was able to catch dad in enough time to deliver a very important message: “I love you!!!!!”

Dad planted a kiss on top of his son’s head, and told his son he loved him. The little boy was visibly upset, but soon scampered back inside to process the departure with his mom.

This sweet little boy has perhaps summed up the deepest affections of a toddler boy’s heart — potty humor and a fierce love for his Daddy.

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