Little Girl Breaks Down in Tears of Joy When Newborn Cousin Lays in Arms for First Time


Introducing a newborn baby into a family is a beautiful, delicate moment in time.

A newborn baby gives children, as well as adults, an opportunity to marvel at new life, tiny and fragile before our very eyes.

For one little girl, meeting her newborn cousin was an overwhelming event.

She had likely been anticipating the birth for a long time, wishing and waiting for the moment she would glimpse her cousin’s sweet baby face.

Someone had lovingly helped prepare the little girl for the milestone event, settling her onto a couch with plenty of pillows to help her small arms support the new baby with ease.

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Smiling shyly with anticipation, the little girl watched as the newborn baby was carried her way. She was ready for this moment, evidenced by the way she carefully wrapped her arms around her new cousin safely and securely.

The adult in the video gently offered one of the best gifts ever to the little girl: an opportunity to hold the baby with confidence, all on her own, no adult arms attached.

Once the baby was safe and secure, the adult stepped away, leaving the two cousins to bond for the very first time.

She planted a gentle kiss on the baby’s head, soaking up the moment she’d been waiting on for months.

It didn’t take long for the little girl’s eyes to well up with tears, which spilled down her face.

The moment seemed to awaken something inside the little girl — an awareness that she could play a role in nurturing this little one now, and perhaps someday, nurture a baby of her own.

Even when the baby let out an upset cry, the little girl didn’t fret.

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She naturally comforted her cousin by lovingly touching the baby’s tiny leg, which soon curled back up into her arms.

The little girl is a natural caregiver, and will no doubt be her cousin’s biggest fan, serving as helper, protector, and caretaker as often as she can.

The sweet video has been viewed over 67 million times, giving a global audience the feelings of love, joy and thankfulness that unite humanity as one.

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