Little Girl Sent Home to Die. She Wakes Next Day, Says a Name 3x That Heals Her


If you don’t believe in miracles, Jamie Backenhaster may have you changing your mind. Through her faith and the hand of God, her daughter was given a different path — one that saved her life.

Jamie’s daughter, Brittany, had a bubbly personality. “She knew Bible scripture, she was singing in church, just loved life, full of life,” said Jamie of her sweet daughter. But one day, that joyful temperament was tested.

While in their home, Jamie discovered Brittany on the floor of her bedroom, gurgling noises coming from her throat. She seemed to be struggling to breathe and Jamie picked up her daughter to comfort her, asking God to touch her.

At the hospital it was determined that Brittany had suffered a grand mal seizure and was diagnosed with epilepsy. It was a familiar diagnosis since Jamie also had the condition.

“I understood it because I had it myself,” said Jamie. She believed that her daughter would be put on medication much like she had been. She was hopeful that Brittany’s path would be much like her own.

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Unfortunately, that would not be the case. They tried many medications, but none of them worked for Brittany. Her seizures continued day after day. Brittany began to wear a helmet, a precaution taken to protect her head in case of a fall during the seizures.

“As a mother, you feel so responsible, they’re your flesh, they’ve lived in you. And when she would pull at me to help her and I couldn’t…I blamed myself a lot. I gave my daughter this sickness,” said Jamie.

Brittany’s condition worsened until she could no longer sit up and became unresponsive. For two long years the struggle continued, taking a big toll on the family. The seriousness of Brittany’s condition led her to be hospitalized when, finally, the doctors said there was nothing more they could do.

Jamie and her husband did the only thing they could. They turned to God. They began reading scripture, looking for peace in their situation but never expecting a miracle.

Jamie continued to pray and look for answers in the Bible, and then one scripture caught her eye. “Don’t look at what you see, look at what you don’t see. Tell me and speak what you want.” So that’s what she did.

She drove to a school playground where healthy children were playing. She asked God to give Brittany the chance to play as these children were.

In the darkest moment, when Brittany’s brain was in complete seizure and there was no hope, the miracle happened. On that night, when Jamie was sure that her sweet, joyful 5-year-old daughter would lose her life, she watched over her, praying.

In the morning, Brittany opened her eyes and spoke for the first time in over a year. Her words were moving. “Jesus, Jesus,” she said with the light of angels in her eyes.

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After another visit to the hospital, doctors were amazed. Brittany’s brain was clear of seizures. Jamie knew that Jesus had healed her daughter.

Do you believe she was healed by her mother's prayers?

But God wasn’t done with his miracles. Shortly after Brittany was healed, Jamie began to have headaches. At first, the doctors thought they were due to the stress that she had been under with her daughter.

After some testing the doctors gave Jamie the surprise of her life. Her brain, too, was clear of seizures and she was told that she could go off of her epilepsy medications.

The Lord works in mysterious ways. For one family, their faith changed the path that they would take in life. Their story is proof that miracles still do happen.

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