Live Footage: Wild Eagle Chick Breaking Out of Shell Is Best Thing Since April the Giraffe


Many of us remember the internet sensation of 2017, a pregnant giraffe named April.

Zookeepers swore she was due to give birth any day and allowed a live stream of April in her habitat to be posted to YouTube.

Little did they know, that live stream would blow up the internet.

News of April’s calf spread like wildfire. We watched, we waited, we watched more, we waited more… we cried from exhaustion, slept for 12 hours, woke up and started watching again.

This cycle repeated for weeks. Millions and millions were part of the “April Squad” as they so cleverly named themselves.

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When the day finally came, countless tuned in to watch April’s little one enter the world on wobbly legs.

After the cameras stopped rolling for the last time, many didn’t know what to do. How do you go back to normal life now that the watch has ended?

It took us a while, but we learned how.

But now — there is a great joy. A stream has been released. An eagle chick has hatched. The crowd has gone wild.

Eagles are loved by all Americans — after all, it is our country’s bird! However, a few decades ago, eagles became endangered when a chemical softened the shells of eagle eggs. Now that that chemical is gone, we are finally starting to see the number of eagles rise across the country. Many are even returning to their homes they died out of long ago.

Check out this live stream of the moment one little eagle finally breaks through his shell and takes a look at the world for the very first time.

You haven’t had a rush like this for nearly a year! When will egg number two hatch? Do you have any guesses?

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Welcome to the world, baby eagle chick. We had so much fun watching you get here.

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