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Loving Golden Retrievers Visit Owner in Hospital After Open Heart Surgery

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For Jake and Zoey, two golden retrievers living in California, life was feeling unsettled.

Their beloved owner hadn’t been home for more than a week. Loving and loyal always, Jake and Zoey knew something was going on.

Their human father had been in the hospital, recovering from open heart surgery. But Jake and Zoey didn’t know this — all they saw was a vacant spot in the bed and one less familiar face around the home.

The pup’s father was missing his dogs every bit as much as they missed him.

First, Jake and Zoey came to the hospital in print form before they were unable to make the trip fur-real.

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“For now, this is how Jake & Zoey will comfort Daddy while he heals,” wrote the dog’s Mama, also known as Mamarazzi. “Heartfelt thank you to everyone, surgery was successful.”

When Jake and Zoey’s dad was cleared for visitors, the reunion plans were made. 10 long days had passed since the pups had seen their favorite human, and they couldn’t wait to be together again.

The two golden’s bounded into the hospital, exercising as much restraint as they possibly could when they realized who they were going to see.

Each dog was hoping for a huge leap onto the hospital bed and probably a long snuggle session. But sometimes, big dogs don’t understand how very big and furry they really are.

Daddy excitedly greeted his pups, patting their heads and grinning with joy. While he still had some recovering to do, a visit from his favorite pups was sure to speed things along.

Dad had to remind his pups to stay on the floor — no bedtime snuggles this time around. And watch the I.V., please.

Jake and Zoey brought a dose of medicine that no doctor or human could bring: themselves. Nobody gives a slobbery kiss quite like a golden retriever.

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Jake and Zoey’s mom said the visit was a smashing success.

“Jake and Zoey made not only Daddy, but lots of people including staff, other patients, and their families very very happy,” Mamarazzi wrote on Facebook.

Thankfully, Jake and Zoey’s dad made a full recovery. He’s now back home with his family, no doubt soaking up plenty of retriever time.

Jake and Zoey’s adventures can be followed online by visiting Two Golden Tails. If you know someone who could use a little comfort today, a quick photo or two of these happy pups should do the trick.

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