Magician Tells Kids in Crowd To Make a Wish, Then Navy Mom Magically Appears on Stage

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Magic tricks are wonderfully entertaining. They play on our sensibilities, and they direct and misdirect to achieve a result that is unexpected or unbelievable.

Most of us have had some exposure to magic tricks, whether it was when we were children and we watched a magician at a kids’ party pull a coin out of someone’s ear, or when we were older and watched the office trickster confront everyone with his sleight of hand.

Most magic tricks are enjoyable (or maddening) but fleeting, and don’t have lasting ramifications. But the opposite is true of this particular trick that was caught on video.

These kiddos were at a state fair when they were presented with one of the best “magic” tricks they’d ever seen.

Keilanni and Noble, 5 and 4 years old, were seated directly in front of the stage as they watched along with a pack of children, all eyeing Randy the Magician.

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They were huddled around the small stage at the Missouri State Fair on Military Appreciation day — a day that would turn out to be very special for the two children, whose mother Nicole Moore was in the Navy.

The magician ran through a few simple tricks, turning what appeared to be the Missouri state flag into an American flag under the condition that his audience used “the magic word” (which is, of course, “please”).

“So many people at the Missouri State Fair are so appreciative of everybody in the military,” the magician said. “Can’t thank them enough for the service they do.”

“I can’t do everything for everybody, but maybe I can do a magic trick for you? For your mommy,” he said, pointing at the brother and sister in the front row.

“You said your mommy’s in the Navy? When’s the last time you saw your mommy?”

The children replied that it had been a year.

“How about if I do a trick for you guys?” he asked. “Is that OK? Can I do that? Let me see what I can do.”

He needed some help, though, so he brought a volunteer on stage.

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“This is Mr. Stinky feet,” he continued, as another man leaped on stage. “Give him a big round of applause!”

“You know what? I’m just a magician, he’s a singer. You know, there’s only so much we can do. But what we will try to do, is try to make you happy with a magic trick and perform for you.”

“I want you two, particularly, to make a wish, and we’re going to see if we can make your dreams come true,” he told the siblings.

He and “Mr. Stinky Feet” worked around a panel at the middle of the stage for a while, walking back and forth until everything was set up properly.

He then asked the kiddos for that magic word.

After they said “please,” the panel parted and the two kids’ mom walked forward and dropped to her knees, catching her daughter who went toward her instantly in a hug.


Noble soon joined his mother and sister on stage, and the three hugged for the first time in 333 days. Thanks to Randy the Magician and Mr. Stinky Feet, these two kids will remember this special day for years to come.

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