Man Drops an Astounding 280 Pounds in 2 Years After Walking 6,000 Miles


Dave Lancaster knew something had to change in his life. In his forties, he was the manager at a call center, weighed over 400 pounds, and had multiple health problems.

He’d tried to lose the weight before. He’d tried the diets, but they never lasted and gave him no real, lasting help.

He had type 2 diabetes. His blood pressure was high, as was his cholesterol. He suffered from severe pain, gout, and apnea — all because of his weight.

“I found it difficult to walk to the end of my road,” he said. “I went out so rarely except for work that I was close to becoming a recluse, and I was nearing almost complete immobility.”

“It felt as though as I was getting bigger and bigger, my world was gradually shrinking.”

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He worked up the courage to try changing again, and joined a local Slimming World group, which he now recognizes as crucial to his recovery.

When he decided to change it all and had his starting weigh-in, he weighed even more than he’d thought. At a total of 480 pounds, his bad eating habits had taken their toll.

So he learned how to cook. He discovered that he could still enjoy a lot of the same foods he loved — like chili con carne — but if he made them at home, he could make them healthier.

He ate plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, and lean meats. Gradually, he started walking more and began to lose the weight.

“When I first started walking around the park I actually called it bench-pressing,” he said. “The park that I started going to was quite good because it had a lot of benches and as you walked around it you could take regular breaks and in all honesty that was what made it possible.”

He’s walked a lot in two years since starting this journey. In fact, he’s crossed over 6,000 miles: the equivalent of walking from San Francisco to New York and back.

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“I like this form of exercise because instead of costing me, like a gym membership or exercise class would, it saves me money on gas,” he said. “Now instead of meeting friends at my house, they join me for a walk!”

Now Lancaster, who lives in Warwick, England, has lost over 280 pounds due to all his hard work. He no longer has type 2 diabetes and even was able to ditch his glasses.

He’s discovered a new sense of freedom, and knows the world is at his feet. The only thing that limits him now, as he himself said, is his own imagination.

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