Man Who Functions as 7-Year-Old Wants To Be Hero, So Cops Show Up at Home with Surprise


There’s something so appealing about being a superhero and getting to exact justice in situations that are beyond our control. There’s so much sadness and suffering in the world that the idea of just stepping in and mitigating misery is incredibly appealing to many people.

Kids of all ages don their favorite hero’s costumes for that reason. Fighting crime never looked better, and the cape or bodysuit can really add a sense of purpose and a touch of verisimilitude.

Most kids limit the scope of their heroics to the home, saving siblings from “certain doom” or crafting intricate storylines with cars and LEGO people. But when you have physical agency and a hero’s heart, the sky’s the limit.

That was the case for a young man in his 20s from Tucson, Arizona, who has autism and functions at the level of a 7-year-old.

According to KOLD, he was spurred by the news of a relative who had passed away. This unnamed family member had been in the military and had died, but to the young man this person was a hero.

Divine Intervention

Wanting to emulate his hero relative, the young man asked to be set free upon the world to enact his own heroics. Mom said no.

But heroes do what they have to do, and the next day the young man ran away during a car ride.

It took a few hours to find him, but some police officers managed to locate the vigilante and bring him back to safety. As they took him home, though, he explained his desire to balance the scales and take on the bad guys.

The two officers by the names of McMullen and DeMuth were touched by his passionate appeal for justice. They found out who his favorite superhero was, and then went out and bought him the costume.

Spider-Man. The photo says it all: Two smiling officers and the young man with the most content look on his face.

The heartwarming encounter has made the rounds on social media, with plenty of people chiming in to praise these cops’ actions and recognize the spirit in this young man.

“He’s ready to sling them spiderwebs isn’t he?” Gloria Landeros Martinez commented on the Tucson News Now post. “Awesome job guys. I know bad news travels faster but don’t ever let that hinder you from doing what your heart sends you. I couldn’t be prouder! And I’m sure he makes an awesome hero.”

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The young man’s mother commented, too, expressing her gratitude for the cops’ great attitude and generosity.

“I’m his mother and he does have autism,” Sheila Macy commented. “I didn’t know the officer’s first name. I would just like to extend my thanks to her again and I completely agree that your cousin and her colleagues are pretty amazing. They helped turn a very scary day into a positive and bright day.”

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