Man Kicked out of CNN HQ After Guard Sees His Shirt


It’s been fun to watch President Donald Trump go after the mainstream duing his first year in office. One of his favorite targets is CNN. In fact, “fake news” and CNN are pretty much synonymous thanks to him. CNN, however, is less than thrilled with the label.

So, when a young man entered the CNN building wearing a “CNN Is Fake News” T-shirt, all hell broke lose.

In a viral Facebook video posted by Kari Leadingham, a young man is seen being asked to leave the CNN building in Atlanta because of his shirt.

“Well we were enjoying the Atlanta Boat Show and went for a dinner break at the CNN building. Got kicked out for a T-shirt our friend wore,” Leadingham explained in the post.

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You can hear the man in the video saying, “I’m getting kicked out for wearing a CNN shirt…just so it’s clear….This is the country we’re living in.”

The video immediately went viral with over two million views and 46,000 shares as of this writing.

Of course, when it comes to “free speech,” the left will say that burning American flags, or protesting the national anthem is perfectly fine. However, wearing a “CNN is Fake News” shirt at a CNN building, well, that’s crossing a line.

CNN has no one to blame but themselves for this moniker.

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The Daily Caller reported  that in 2017 alone CNN got the news wrong at least seven times. These weren’t just small instances either.

For instance, CNN reported that Republicans financed the anti-Trump dossier. This turned out to be a lie.

Additionally, CNN showed a video clip of Trump dumping out his fish food in a visit to Japan. This caused immediate uproar, but what CNN failed to show was that Trump was actually following the lead of the Japanese PM who dumped his fish food out moments earlier.

Then, they released a story claiming Donald Trump Jr received a batch of emails from WikiLeaks before they were released. They ran this story for days before it was debunked as well.

So, does CNN deserve to carry the label of “fake news?” Most definitely.

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Unfortunately for the guy in the video, he learned the hard way that CNN doesn’t really take to that label too well.

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Steven is a former writer for The Western Journal and has written hundreds of stories for both Western Journal and Conservative Tribune. He is a follower of Jesus, husband to an amazing wife and father to two beautiful girls.
Steven is a former writer for the Western Journal and has written dozens of stories for both Western Journal and Conservative Tribune. Steven is a native of Louisiana but has transferred to a remote desert land often referred to as Arizona. He has a beautiful wife and two amazing daughters. You can often find him hiking the Arizona landscape or serving on the worship team at his church.
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