Man Leaves Note on Own Car after Parking & Walks Away. Comes Back to Find Stranger's Reply


Anyone who’s ever driven has experienced this problem. You need a parking spot, even just for a minute, but there’s already a car there.

An English driver was that other car. He put his car into a prime spot and then headed off for the day.

This driver though knew while he needed this place, others might also. So he found a…compromise.

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He left a note on his windshield inviting other drivers to go ahead and block him in.

He explained that he was going to be gone all day so if someone needed the space around his car, by all means they should take it.

Later in the day when he returned to his car he discovered a note directed back to him. A note with a note inside. A five pound note!

The note that contained it was from an anonymous individual who just wanted to recognize the driver’s act of awareness towards his fellow man.

He shared this random act of kindness online.

The note read: “Hi, I didn’t need to use the space you left available but plenty of people did.

“I wanted to acknowledge your small act of kindness and awareness of others that seems to be nonexistent here.”

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“Please have this £5 to treat yourself to a frivolous cake or a drink later. Or donate it to a charity you like. Keep being better than most! Love from another human.”

Pretty awesome right. Well the driver who received the note subscribes to the “one good deed deserves another” theory.

They shared online their appreciation of the gesture and also that they passed the kindness along.

“Their fiver bought a homeless bloke a hot lunch today,” the driver shared.

It’s wonderful to see how one act can beget a chain of kindness. When is the last time you gave someone a thumbs up for doing something nice?

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