Man Replaces 100-Year-Old Neighbor's Tattered American Flag


It’s the Fourth of July weekend, the perfect time to gather around for fireworks, host barbecues for family and friends and — let’s not forget — break out our beloved stars and stripes.

Every year, we commemorate our nation’s independence by showing the world exactly what it means to be a patriotic American.

Jack Henrique of Hampden County, Massachusetts, shows us just that.

According to WWLP-TV, Henrique saw a worn and tattered American flag on display outside the home of his 100-year-old neighbor, Mario Arcobello, in May.

Henrique took it upon himself to act as a good Samaritan and help replace the stars and stripes.

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After he helped replace the ragged flag, Henrique and Arcobello stopped to salute Old Glory in honor of Memorial Day.

The touching gesture garnered enough interest to prompt a local news viewer’s request that the story be shared.

Are you touched by Henrique's patriotic gesture?

Since then, Henrique’s selfless, patriotic deed hasn’t gone unnoticed.

His act of kindness serves as one example of the American spirit we lose sight of in the midst of our everyday trials and tribulations.

This is the kind of person we love sharing a country with, the kind who values community and patriotism.

Henrique’s act of kindness echoes the American spirit we should recapture on the anniversary of our independence as we set aside our differences and celebrate the one factor that unites us: our identity as Americans and, with it, our love for our fellow Americans.

In a nation rocked by protests, contention between political parties, a global pandemic and identity politics, we can lose sight of what being an American truly means.

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We’re better than the vitriol the establishment media revisits each day, and we’re above the notion that we are all enemies pitted against each other.

Henrique’s story proves he is not only a good neighbor but also a model citizen.

He gave us an example we should seek to follow whenever the opportunity for a good deed comes along.

As we celebrate America’s 245th birthday, let’s think of how we can be the best Americans we can possibly be. After all, we sometimes need a reminder that good people still exist.

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