Marine with Friend Who Had Part of Skull Removed Has Message for Every Nike-Wearer in America


On the 17-year anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks against the United States, many tributes were made on television, radio and social media. But one had a poignant message within it for Nike and those who kneel for the anthem.

A Twitter user going by the handle of “Marine One Not Spartacus” took aim at said people while grieving over his friend’s struggle. His bio notes that he was “born a Marine, raised by Navy SEALS.”

The tweet went viral with thousands of likes, retweets and comments. He posted to it later to express his thanks for the mostly positive comments. He added that he shared them, the positive ones, with his friend:

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The next day he came back again, this time to share a little more information about his police officer friend. Vinny has quite the challenging road ahead of him:

Marine One Not Spartacus also added further information about his friend. And he had some final words of wisdom to share before “signing off”:

In Nike’s new ad featuring former football player Colin Kapernick, sacrifice is mentioned. It has generated some support:

But others have taken umbrage with the association of Kapernick, sacrifice and “disrespecting” our nation’s heroes by kneeling. Bans, boycotts, burning, destruction and other measures have been taken against Nike and their products:

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But much like Marine One Not Spartacus, one Gold Star wife, Brittany Jacobs, also had a message. This one was specifically for Nike and Kapernick:

It is no real sacrifice to use the freedom others gave their lives for in order to kneel on the turf of a stadium prior to playing a game you are paid millions of dollars to play, in front of millions of cheering fans. It requires no risk to life or limb to do so.

Is the Nike ad featuring Kaepernick disrespectful?

It does, however, require what some would deem as a total lack of respect for those who made such freedoms possible. It also requires what some would see as a total lack of sensitivity to the loved ones they have left behind while making that sacrifice of their limbs and their lives. Sacrifices like those made by Vinny and by Sgt. Chris Jacobs.

They are the true heroes. Kneeling athletes, collecting millions in pay and endorsement checks, are not viewed as such by most.

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