Watch: Meghan McCain Erupts on Liberal News Outlet for Saying She 'Drank Through' Her Dad's Cancer


Crass. Blundering, tasteless, tactless, boorish. Insensitive, completely lacking in compassion and grace.

That’s just about the only way to describe the treatment Meghan McCain received from Raw Story upon her return to her television gig on ABC’s “The View” after taking leave to mourn her father John McCain’s passing.

In an article headlined “The View’s Meghan McCain Tearfully Opens Up About Drinking Through Her Dad’s Cancer,” the liberal website proceeded to misrepresent and take out of context every grateful sentiment McCain attempted to express about the love and support she received from her friends and co-hosts.

McCain’s fired back at Raw Story on “The View” Tuesday.

“I had a rough day coming back to the show yesterday,” she said. “It’s been hard, everybody knows that. And I talked about when I first found out my dad had terminal cancer, with the lifespan of 12 to 14 months. I said that I got wasted, which I did that night.

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She continued: “And there was a headline yesterday that said, ‘The View’s Meghan McCain Tearfully Opens Up About Drinking Through Her Dad’s Cancer.’

“First of all, screw you! I did not drink through my father’s cancer.”

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg jumped in with support for McCain and shared a story about her own brother’s passing and how she was high through the experience.

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McCain chimed in: “Are you going to shame Whoopi and I for dealing with death the way that we dealt with it? … I woke up at 5 o’clock in the morning, took my dad to radiation and chemo treatments. How dare you say that I am somehow an alcoholic or imply that. And by the way, even if I was, I would be talking about it on the talk show that I co-host. …

“I do not understand this culture of shaming us for our vices. I like to drink on occasion, I do not have any substance abuse problems. It’s legal. … You’re shaming me for drinking Jack Daniels!”

Goldberg said Raw Story was using clickbait headlines to try and get an audience.

“But we know what that is. That’s to get people to click and do all that … clickbait, they call it,” she said.

McCain’s comments highlighted by Raw Story were approximately 15 seconds out of a 10-minute segment.

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“Abby, when my dad was first diagnosed I got wasted with you, and I drank so much,” she said Monday, referring to “View” co-host Abby Huntsman, a close friend. “She was heavily pregnant and she watched me down Jack Daniels after Jack Daniels, and then I threw up and her sister held my hair back.”

There are a lot of people who might not have been fans of Sen. John McCain or his daughter based on their political views, but cheap shots at someone else’s pain are the lowest form of expression.

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