Mexicans Come to Their Senses. Turn on Liberals and Caravanners. Announce Huge Agreement with Trump


Bad news for the left has come by way of a poll of Mexican citizens conducted by a Mexican newspaper.

According to The Daily Caller, a poll by the Mexico City-based El Universal newspaper revealed that a whopping seven in 10 Mexicans have a negative view of the migrant caravan, which is now parked in Tijuana, on the Mexico side of the U.S.-Mexican border.

And the news gets even worse for the American left. The poll also revealed that more than half of Mexicans polled, 52 percent, want illegal aliens, i.e. those people entering the country without documentation, to be blocked from doing so.

But wait. There’s more!

The poll also announced that 55 percent of those polled are in agreement with President Donald Trump about how illegal immigration should be handled — they want Mexico’s President-elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador to get tough on any future caravans.

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NBC News also reported on the poll results, zeroing in on the sentiments of residents of the “Tijuana-San Diego border area near the San Ysidro Port of Entry — one of the busiest legal border-crossing sites in the world.”

Schools near the border area were shut down for “safety” reasons on Monday, according to NBC.

On Sunday, a number of Tijuana residents took up baseball bats and sticks to “threaten” the migrants after the U.S. shut down the border for five hours because of a confrontation with caravan members who tried to storm across.

According to the NBC report, one angry Tijuana resident told authorities of the migrants that, “They should not be here in Tijuana.”

When the Tijuana Mayor Juan Manuel Gastelum starting wearing a “Make Tijuana Great Again” ballcap last week, clearly modeled on Trump’s “Make America Great Again” caps, the message of agreement was unmistakable.

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All of this puts the American left into a dilemma. Not only do the Mexican people not support the left’s agenda, but the left has used Mexicans as a tool to cry “racism” against those who don’t support the liberal push for open borders.

Now what can the left do? Cry “racism” against Mexicans who want to control legal entry into their country and don’t support caravans of alien migrants marching through it on their way north?

This response from the Mexican people shows that the tide is continuing to swing toward something similar to President Donald Trump’s and the American right’s way of thinking on such topics. In October, a similar poll found only six in 10 Mexicans held a negative view of the migrant caravanners, according to The Daily Caller.

Should this poll change the way the media cover this story?

This also could mean very good news for Trump and Mexico. This public swing could bode well for better relations between the United States and Mexico.

It could also signal more cooperation from Mexico in helping to secure the southern U.S. border. Better relations can mean a financial boon for Mexico, as well, so it serves the country’s interest to see it happen.

As for the left, its pattern has been to attack minorities and minority groups that don’t carry water for progressive causes. Kanye West is one recent example, but there are many others.

Black conservatives or even blacks who speak out against leftist policies or the “Democrat plantation” are regularly attacked and called vile, racist names. Conservative commentator Candice Owens, House and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, and business executive, radio host and 2012 GOP presidential contender Herman Cain are just a few more examples of this.

As more people wake up to the “more harm than good” being done by the left’s encouragement of migrants to attempt illegal entry, the left will be backed further into a corner. If leftists truly wished to help, there are legal and practical ways to do that.

If, however, their true purpose is something else — like destroying American sovereign borders and destabilizing the Trump administration, then they will continue to fight against the will of the American and Mexican people and push for things that bring harm to them, as well as they migrants they are using to further their agenda.

The left’s response to this poll and the sentiment of the Mexican people will speak volumes as to their true intention for the migrants, the American people, and the Mexican people they have claimed to care about so much.

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