Michael Goodwin Issues New Prediction: ‘The Movement to Impeach Trump is Just Beginning’

A prominent conservative columnist believes the battle lines for the 2018 midterms are already drawn, and the Democrats’ campaign issue will be impeaching President Donald Trump.

New York post writer and Fox News contributor Michael Goodwin contended in a recent op-ed titled, “The movement to impeach Trump is just beginning,” that “Democrats…have no message, no leader and nothing to brag about.

“That leaves a vacuum, which is being filled with one idea: impeaching President Trump.”

“Now if an election that pits tax cuts and job growth vs. impeachment strikes you as crazy, don’t blame me,” he continued. “And, truth be told, you can’t really blame Democratic Party leaders either. They aren’t so much leading their base as following it.”

Goodwin went on to argue that the “resistance” wing has taken over the Democrat Party.

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The commentator wrote that “Russia, Russia, Russia” is now being replaced with allegations of sexual harassment as the reason Trump must go. The hope is to presumably bring down the president through the same “Me Too” movement that has ended the careers of so many high-profile men of late.

“Never in modern times has a major party used impeachment as a pure political weapon,” Goodwin stated. “Yet, assuming Mueller comes up with nothing significant, that’s exactly what Democrats are planning.”

“They will try to win with impeachment what they lost at the ballot box, effectively nullifying the 2016 election,” he concluded.

Kyle Cheney and Heather Caygle, in a piece for Politico, observed that while many Democrats may want the party to run on impeaching Trump, the decision could be a two-edged sword.

“The debate is roiling House Democrats, with progressives forcing a debate over the issue even as vulnerable incumbents, particularly members in districts that favored Trump, worry it could jeopardize their future in Congress,” the two wrote.

In other words, making the election about impeaching Trump may motivate his base to get out to the polls, as well.

Many of these lawmakers were angry that Rep. Al Green, D-Texas, forced a vote on whether to begin debate on his articles of impeachment earlier this month.

The representative from Houston pointed to Trump’s remarks following the Charlottesville riot in August, in which he blamed both sides for the violence; his criticism of NFL player for kneeling during the national anthem; and his recent retweeting of anti-Muslim videos as examples of Trump’s harming of American society as reasons to impeach, according to The Texas Tribune.

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The resolution also cited the president’s travel ban affecting those seeking to enter the United State from eight designated countries (six of which are majority Muslim), and his administration’s response to Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.

The House voted to table Green’s measure by a vote of 364 to 58.

A majority vote is required for an impeachment to succeed in the House. If it is approved by that body, a two-thirds vote is needed in the Senate to convict a president and remove him or her from office.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Democrat Minority Whip Steny Hoyer released a statement following the vote saying why they did not support Green’s resolution.

“Congress faces a vast set of urgent, overdue priorities for the American people,” the Democratic leaders said. “Democrats are firmly focused on taking real, effective steps to improve the lives of hard-working Americans and defeating Republicans’ cruel barrage of attacks on the middle class.”

Pelosi and Hoyer contended that special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation, as well as congressional inquiries, should be allowed to continue.

“Now is not the time to consider articles of impeachment,” they stated.

As previously reported by The Western Journal, multiple conservative commentators, including Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and National Review’s Andrew McCarthy believe the true purpose of Mueller’s investigation, at this point, is to try to lay the groundwork for Congress to impeach Trump.

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