Mike Huckabee: Hollywood Is Trying To Bury an Important Movie with an Unjust 'R' Rating


There’s an important new movie coming out on March 29 called “Unplanned.” It could sway countless people’s hearts and minds against abortion. How persuasive is it? As with the movie “Gosnell,” powerful people in the media are doing everything in their power to prevent you from seeing it.

So before I tell you about the film’s background and the predictable attempt to kill it before it’s born, I want to share right up front this exclusive sneak preview of “Unplanned.” (Click here.) Note the link at the end of the story to a website where you can find more information plus theaters and showtimes.

“Unplanned” is the dramatic true story of Abby Johnson, someone whom I have interviewed on my TV show. She was once the manager of a Planned Parenthood clinic, where she swallowed the company line about abortion being a vital “health service” for women.

The Planned Parenthood encouraged its employees to push to patients so they could double their abortion quota (a strange goal for a “health service.”) Johnson repeated PP’s sales points (it’s just a clump of cells, it feels no pain, etc.) so effectively that she was named Employee of the Year in 2008.

But while she was repeating the fuzzy euphemisms, she’d never actually seen an abortion in person. That changed in 2009 when she was asked to assist in one. When she saw the tragic truth — a human baby fighting for its life as it was killed and dismembered — she realized that all the things she’d been told and repeated to patients were lies.

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She went from being a high-ranking abortion clinic manager to a pro-life activist. Because of her background and inside knowledge of PP’s practices, she immediately became public enemy #1 to the powerful pro-abortion lobby.

It’s a testament to just how scared of Johnson’s story the abortion pushers still are that the movie about her experiences has been slapped with an unjustified “R” rating by the MPAA for “some disturbing/bloody images.”

Anyone who’s seen an advanced screening with tell you there is nothing in it graphic enough to merit that box office-killing rating. Even the shocking abortion that changed Abby’s life is shown only through the ultrasound camera.

For comparison, “Insidious,” “The Ring” and “Escape Room” — outright horror films — were only rated PG-13.

Do you think Hollywood is trying to bury this movie?

To appeal the rating would require legal fees and a six-month delay in releasing the film, which the MPAA knows the indie producers can’t afford.

As one pro-life leader noted, Hollywood liberals think that girls as young as 13 should be allowed to get abortions, but they shouldn’t be allowed to see a movie that tells them what abortion actually is until they’re 17 (thereby shielding four years’ worth of potential abortion clinic customers from the truth.)

The Washington Post’s pious motto is “Democracy dies in darkness,” but liberals seem to have no problem with allowing unborn children to die while their mothers remain in the dark.

The producers of “Unplanned” made the excellent point that since their film contains no profanity, nudity, sex or actual violence, the MPAA’s “R” rating indirectly endorses their position that abortion itself is an act of disturbing violence.

It would be great if widespread public outrage forced the MPAA to change its obviously biased rating.

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But that’s unlikely. Just know that the “R” rating is less a measure of the film not being fit for teenagers to see than it is of Hollywood’s desperation that teenagers not see the truth about abortion.

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