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Mike Huckabee: Pelosi's Impeachment Charade Continues

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Impeachment Theater News Round-Up: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi crassly tried to distract attention away from President Trump’s signing ceremony for the new China trade deal by turning her long-delayed handover of the House impeachment articles to the Senate into a pompous public ceremony, filled with her now-patented hushed and pained comments about her sacred duty to save the Constitution from the imminent dangers of respecting the voters’ choice of presidents.

Americans showed which story they took more seriously by sending the stock market to another record high.

Pelosi undercut her own case by pulling an “Adam Schiff” and deliberately misquoting Trump from his the phone call to Ukraine’s president that she’s allegedly impeaching him for.

Her little digs about how Trump is “impeached forever” and will be gone soon “one way or the other” also strongly suggest that this was never about “protecting the Constitution.”

(As some have noted, “obstructing Congress” is not an impeachable offense: All three branches obstruct each other — it’s called “balance of power.”)

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No, it’s about hurting Trump politically because they’re scared they can’t beat him at the ballot boxes with that line-up of losers espousing policies that range from “failed” to “insane” that we saw in this week’s debate.

Pelosi thinks this impeachment will stain Trump, but that’s like a bank robber chortling that his robbery will permanently stain the bank’s reputation just before he opens the money bag with the dye bomb inside.

Pelosi was also slammed for talking out of both sides of her mouth more than Terry Fator.

She dispensed her long-faced balloon juice about what a grave and weighty moment this was for America and the Constitution, and then celebrated by passing out souvenir “impeachment signing” pens.

Do you think impeachment will end up harming Pelosi more than Trump?

It might have been more appropriate to pass out T-shirts reading, “I voted to impeach the President, and all I got was this lousy T-shirt.”

To set herself apart as the leader, she could wear an “I’m with Stupid” T-shirt while standing next to Adam Schiff.

The Dems’ case was further undermined by one of Pelosi’s choices for impeachment manager, Florida Rep. Val Demings, who immediately (and laughably) demanded that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell recuse himself for not being impartial.

For the record, Demings has been very publicly calling for Trump’s impeachment since way back in the Russian collusion delusion days, so she was hardly an “impartial juror” when she was part of the House investigation and vote.

In a perfect rejoinder, Republican Sen. Marsha Blackburn called on all Democratic senators who are running against Trump for president to recuse themselves since they have a vested interest in harming his re-election prospects.

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After all, isn’t that what they’re allegedly impeaching Trump for — using his office to harm a political opponent?

Of course, President Trump had a reaction to Pelosi’s latest move.

Did you think he wouldn’t?

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