Mitch McConnell Trump Has Given Us The Best Year for Conservatives in The 30 Years I’ve Been Here


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell stated on Monday that President Donald Trump has given conservatives their “best year” in the over 30 years he has served in Congress.

McConnell — who was first elected to the Senate in 1984, during the height of Ronald Reagan’s tenure as commander in chief — told Fox News’ Dana Perino people who are right of center should be very encouraged by the results they are seeing in Washington D.C.

“2017 was the best year for conservatives in the 30 years that I’ve been here. The best year. On all fronts,” he said.

“And a lot of people are shocked because we didn’t know what we were getting with Donald Trump,” the majority leader added.

“He was doing fundraisers for Chuck Schumer three or four years ago. But this has turned out to be a very solid, conservative, right of center, pro-business administration. And we’re seeing the results of it,” said McConnell.

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In an op-ed for Louisville’s Courier-Journal published on Monday, the Kentucky senator listed some of 2017 accomplishments.

“In a once-in-a-generation effort, the Republican-led Congress passed comprehensive tax reform legislation last year helping middle-class families, small businesses and workers keep more of their hard-earned money,” McConnell wrote. “In other words, we took money out of Washington’s pocket and put it back in the pockets of the middle-class families who earned it.”

He went on to note the businesses turned around and shared the benefits of their lowered corporate income tax with their employees in the form of bonuses, higher wages, and increased benefits.

According to a list compiled by Americans for Tax Reform, at least 3 million Americans are already receiving special bonuses as a result of the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” (2017) passed last month.

McConnell pointed out that “the historic tax law also repealed Obamacare’s unpopular individual mandate tax, which disproportionally impacted low- and middle-income families by forcing them to purchase health insurance plans they often didn’t want or couldn’t afford.”

Other accomplishments highlighted by the senator included the confirmation of judges to the federal bench, with a record 12 circuit judges in 2017, and the rollback of Obama-ear regulations both through presidential and congressional action.

The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times credited the massive cut in red tape under Trump in creating the current pro-growth business climate.

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According to the Competitive Enterprise Institute, the Federal Register of rules and regulations is at its lowest page count in a quarter-century.

The calendar year concluded with the register numbering 61,950 pages, down 35 percent from the all-time record set during President Barack Obama’s final year of 95,894 pages. The last time the register was at its current level was 1993.

As reported by The Western Journal, radio talk show host Mark Levin praised President Donald Trump on his program last month, calling him “the most conservative president since Ronald Reagan.”

Levin, who served in multiple positions in the Gipper’s administration, said, “If you’re a Reagan conservative or a constitutional conservative … you have to be very, very pleased right now.”

The conservative commentator pointed to Trump’s economic and national security policies, as well as his appointment of constitutional conservative judges.

“(Trump’s) first year has been highly successful, particularly when you consider the forces arrayed against him,” said Levin.

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