Model Abandons Transgender Quest Because It's Too 'Expensive'


“Born This Way.” It’s not just a Lady Gaga song — it’s also the explanation many on the left give for embracing transsexualism and promoting it as a healthy lifestyle choice.

Some people are born with the wrong gender, or so the claim goes. A woman “trapped” in a man’s body didn’t choose to be that way, they say, but should do everything necessary to transition to their “real” self.

But is it true? Or, as many skeptics have wondered, is transsexualism far less innate and more of a personal decision which may not be so healthy after all?

A male model in California has provided an interesting clue to this debate. After spending $10,000 to transition to female, 30-year-old Alexander Veach has decided to abandon his plan because living life as a woman is “expensive” and “competitive.”

“Dubbed the ‘bi-gender doll’, Alexander has also spent time identifying as non-binary, where he tried to be both male and female — but says he’s now happier living as a man because being transgender is ‘isolating and stressful,'” the U.K. Daily Mail reported.

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That’s after Veach underwent emasculating medical procedures and spent three years as a “woman” named Aria. Contrary to the narrative often pushed by the left, the young man did not find himself happier after transitioning. Actually, it was the opposite.

“Last year, while acting as a transgender female-to-male character in a play at the Underground Theater in Hollywood, he realised he could no longer keep living as a woman named Aria and started to revert,” the Daily Mail said.

“Now, he’s happier than ever but battles the difficulties of having enlarged breasts and is currently trying to rid himself of the condition, known as gynecomastia, by working out,” the outlet continued.

It’s hard to read about the California resident’s frequent back-and-forth gender switching without coming to the conclusion that fundamentally, he’s deeply confused.

Do you believe progressives have gone too far in promoting transgender lifestyles?

“He became hooked on living as a woman, choosing to go to work as a man and living as a woman by night,” the Daily Mail explained. “Alexander then started living androgynously, under the name Alex, before living full-time as a woman called Aria after dressing as a woman every night.”

It went beyond simply changing gender roles like some people change shoes. Veach began dangerously experimenting on himself by combining powerful drugs with completely opposing effects.

“Last year, the bioengineer started to combine male and female hormone replacement therapy so that he could live as both genders,” the Daily Mail reported.

“Since choosing to live as Alexander again, he has taken two testosterone shots in the last year but has been warned by his endocrinologist he cannot take any more.”

The reason for the dangerous chemical meddling? When it comes down to it, Veach stated that his decision to “revert” to male was a fairly arbitrary choice: It was just cheaper to stop pretending to be a woman.

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“There are many higher expenses women have to endure, I just quit womanhood, it’s expensive, competitive and I don’t have any more time for it,” he admitted.

Let’s be clear: As an adult, Veach and anyone like him should have the freedom to live life as they want, as long as it doesn’t impose on others. If spending $10,000 of his own money on cosmetic surgery to engage in elaborate role-play fantasy is what he wants to do, that’s his choice. Call it the pursuit of happiness, bizarre as it seems.

But that doesn’t mean that society should lie about what it is, or pretend that this is healthy or positive. As Veach himself found out, transgender decisions often come with an incredibly high rate of depression and suicide — and that’s after people have transitioned.

In other words, progressives may be openly lying about becoming trans. They are pushing two false and destructive narratives — that transgenderism is biological and not a choice, and that it’s healthy for people who do it.

There’s a growing stack of evidence that disputes both of those claims. Instead of society clapping mindlessly as confused young people pump themselves full of drugs and surgically maim themselves, maybe we should step back.

Decisions can have life-altering consequences, and the transgender fad can quickly ruin lives.

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