Mom Captures First Words of Baby, Listen to Him Say 'Taco'


Meet baby James, a kid who pretty much had life figured out by the age of 3 months.

In an adorable video, taken in 2015, baby James was listening to the adults around him coax him into saying his first word.

He was only 3 months old, so speaking a definite word may be a stretch — but we’re gonna go ahead and roll with what came out of baby’s mouth on that milestone day.

James’ family suggested the baby try some of the most classic first words: mama, dada, and milk.

But James was way too sophisticated for such babyish words, instead, opting for something of a crunchier, tastier nature.

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The instigator, in this instance, appears to be James’ grandpa. “Taco?” Grandpa asked James.

Did your baby have a unique first word?

James perked up at the word which came dripping with enthusiasm from Grandpa’s voice.

We think James actually started drooling about 30 seconds into the clip.

Baby James must have decided he did want to “Taco ’bout It.”

Without warning, and to everyone’s delight, James uttered that first precious word: “Taco.”

The adults were completely surprised and began to burst into laughter. “I think he just said taco!” a voice exclaimed.

We’d better rewind this a bit — yep, it seems that James definitely articulated one of life’s favorite words.

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“Well, put that on YouTube!” exclaimed Grandpa — which clearly was a fantastic idea, since viewers are in love with the clip.

Internet users have voiced their full support of the baby’s early devotion to tacos.

“This kid is going places,” said Facebook user Khayla Vorachak.

“Yes, baby. Tacos are life,” Ashley Young said.

The video is now three years old, meaning James is perhaps in preschool, and more than capable of chomping down a taco or two. Good boy, James.

The clip has received well over a million views online, and is the happiest of reminders that the best thing about Monday is the promise of Taco Tuesday.

We hope young James is doing well, dreaming savory taco dreams and finding the best taco trucks in town.

Did your baby have a unique first word?

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