Mom Catches Pervert Recording Her Daughter in Changing Room, Makes Him Regret Being Born


If you’re a good parent, you’re careful with your children. You make sure they stay out of harm’s way, they’re eating well, and they know how to make good decisions.

When they get hurt, you comfort them. When others pick on them, you defend them. But what do you do when you find someone trying to sneak a peek while your child is dressing?

Fortunately it’s not as common an issue as some, but it’s a horrible, stomach-turning thing to experience. And if you’re this mother, you track down the sicko and you make him pay.

According to Fox 13, a woman and her daughter were shopping at a Rue 21 in Salt Lake City, Utah, two days before the girl’s birthday.

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Several people noticed a man behaving oddly, and then they saw him try to film the girl from the dressing room next to hers. The mother began to film after she chased him and he sat down in a parking lot.

“This right here is what a predator looks like,” the livid mother said. “I caught this guy underneath my daughter’s stall while she was changing at Rue 21.”

“Not today, buddy,” she continued. “Not today. I’m going to make sure your face gets out, so that you’re not in any more stalls, looking under little girls dressing.”

Several other men are standing nearby in the video, ostensibly corralling the pervert until the authorities could get there and deal with the matter properly.

He was later identified as Jorge Leon-Alfaro, 36. Police did not say whether this was a repeat offense, but after talking to witnesses they made the arrest.

Now Leon-Alfaro is looking at a charge of voyeurism of a child under 14, and the angry mother has promised to be at every court date to make sure he pays for what he’s done.

Salt Lake City Police Department’s Detective Greg Wilking said that bystanders were observant, which allowed police to be able to arrest the man.

“People are aware of what’s going on and paying attention. Other people were paying attention, too and saw similar things that concerned them and that led to his arrest,” he said.

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This has understandably angered many viewers and people in the community, who are hoping for justice in this case.

Stories like this one are a good reminder to always keep your wits about you and keep an eye on the ones you love: Being aware is always helpful, no matter what the situation.

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