Mom of Family Who Survived Cancer Worried When Sons Say School Bathrooms Have No Soap


The first defense for any sickness is making sure you’re constantly washing your hands. This year’s flu season is particularly fierce, which is why it’s more important than ever to avoid getting the flu.

Those with compromised immune systems are especially susceptible to getting sick.

These individuals are often at the mercy of those around them because if one person in the family gets the flu, it usually moves around.

Ashley Wells knows this firsthand. He husband has been going through chemo, so she’s been diligent in making sure her kids stay healthy for him.

“For five years my husband was taking chemotherapy so we had to teach our children to be germ conscious and to wash their hands and take their shoes off at the door,” Wells told WTVR.

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“Now with the new baby coming, we have to implement those same actions.”

That’s why Wells was outraged to learn that the bathroom at the Dinwiddie Middle School had been out of soap in their bathroom for weeks. She wrote her son’s school to voice her concern.

“As the flu became more widespread, we started talking about proper hand washing and how to be more germ conscious,” Wells said.

“And that’s when I learned there was a bathroom issue at school and the kids didn’t have the proper tools needed to wash their hands like soap and paper towels.”

Wells also shared a post on social media, detailing the situation. Other parents from the school joined the chorus of voices saying that the school needs to change something.

The principal of the school responded to Well’s email later that day. He said he’d do what he could to make sure the staff is more diligent with their replacement of the soap and paper towels.

Since the email and the post, the school has responded publically. “The restrooms are monitored hourly and cleaned dependent upon need,” they said in a statement to WTVR.

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“This incident was brought to the attention of the principal, who immediately contacted our contracted custodial personnel. Additionally, our maintenance department was contacted to repair damaged soap dispensers.”

Wells is happy that the school is addressing her concern, but she wishes she never had to complain in the first place. Keeping kids clean and healthy should be a cornerstone of any school.

“I have seen that the school has reached out to us as a community to let us know they are working to address these problems and they are also creating a more sanitary space for our children,“ Wells said.

“I just hope that they will keep the momentum up and they will continue to provide a sanitary work environment for our kids.”

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