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Mom Furious When 5-Year-Old Steps Off Bus Covered in Bruises & Scratches from Bully


Bullying is a serious issue that is getting more press than ever as parents, teachers, and fellow students try to stamp it out. There are plenty of different tactics to deal with a bully, but the first step is to prove that there’s bullying going on.

Sometimes witnesses don’t give accurate accounts, and sometimes the people who should have been paying attention aren’t or weren’t. Kids are naive and may seem innocent, but they can also be suprisingly cruel.

If your child were bullied, you’d probably hope that someone would step in to protect them, especially if the bully is older than your child, but that didn’t happen in this situation.

Aubrey Corley’s 5-year-old daughter came home from school one day with bruises, scratches and a heartbreaking story. The girl told her mother that someone on the bus had attacked her, according to WBIR.

When Corley asked her daughter what had happened, she said that another student had “grabbed her throat and told her to stop breathing, grabbed her hair and slammed her head against the bus wall.”

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In addition, the bully poked her in the behind, hit her with a book bag and mistreated the girl for much of the 45-minute bus ride.

The unnamed student was more than twice the 5-year-old’s age, and the mother was perplexed as to how no one could’ve noticed or stepped in.

“I wanted to just break down, but I had to be strong for her,” she said. “She is the most loving, outgoing child. She can get along with anybody.”

Fortunately, there is video from the bus that captured the bullying. Monroe County Schools and police have seen it, though the concerned mother has not. However, she has heard that the footage supports her daughter’s story.

“Mr. Blanks, Adam Blanks, the investigator, he told me that when she got on the bus, the whole 45-minute bus ride was complete terror and torture,” the mother said.

According to the Monroe County Reporter, charges have reportedly been filed against the unnamed 12-year-old. She was charged with five juvenile counts and was suspended from school.

The bus driver was also questioned, since it didn’t seem like they stepped in at any point.

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While this is a sad story, it’s heartening to hear that the school is taking the case seriously. There are many situations where schools do not, and the child either continues to experience mistreatment and abuse at the hands of fellow students or gets moved to another school who will take their concerns more seriously.

While this young girl did not need professional medical treatment, the damage inflicted was more than skin-deep. Hopefully the school will continue dealing with this issue so all their students will feel protected.

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