Mom Gives Birth to Baby Twice the Size of Average Newborn, Without Painkillers


Giving birth to a baby is already a painful experience, but birthing a large baby must be even more agonizing. As uncommon as it seems, massive size newborns make their way in the news every now and then.

Better known as fetal macrosomia, these infants typically weigh well over the average size — what most experts would say is between 6.8 to 8.12 pounds. Amazing as it sounds, it’s not so amazing for the women who have to birth these huge babies.

For example, just last year, a Brazilian woman gave birth to a 12.6-pound baby, the largest ever seen in South America.

A cesarean section was scheduled for Maira Trevisan, who already was the mother of three children. The pre-op ultrasound results astounded her doctor as well.

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On Sept. 19, Gabrielly Trevisan Ferreira was brought into the world via cesarean and broke a 27-year-old record, weighing in at 12 pounds, 6 ounces. Doctors confirmed that Gabrielly was the heaviest baby they had ever seen in the hospital’s maternity ward.

Even mom herself was not expecting her baby to be this big. It took some adjusting for Maira. She stayed in the hospital for six days until she recovered.

“It was a bit of a shock and surprisingly uncomfortable the first day I took her into my arms,” Maira said. “I didn’t expect her to be so heavy and so long. But I’m now getting used to her.”

Going even further back than that, in 1955, one newborn became the heaviest in the history of the Guinness World Records. The baby, born in Aversa, Italy, weighed a whopping 22.5 pounds.

I can only imagine how that mom handled the pregnancy pains. Well, in recent news, one Russian pregnant woman, from a small town called Dagestankiye Ogni, made headlines with her beefy baby.

She birthed a baby twice the size of the average newborn. The little one, who’s rumored to be a baby girl, came out 13 pounds and 14 ounces.

Amazingly, her baby was born without any painkillers or medical intervention. This comes as a surprise because most macrosomia-related births cause vaginal tears and fractured tailbones.

Although no further information has been released about the mom’s condition, the baby was said to have hearing problems. Doctors said additional health issues could also affect the child in the future.

Just like preemies, birthing large babies come with their own medical uncertainties. One of these includes shoulder dystocia.

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This usually happens simply because the baby is too big for childbirth. They normally become stuck “behind their mothers’ pubic bones, preventing them from moving down the birth canal.”

As a result, the baby may suffer from broken bones the moment they’re born. To be on the safe side, moms are advised to have a C-section instead.

Fortunately, this mom and her baby survived such a risky birth. We truly hope the infant grows up to live a healthy life, because no matter the size, babies are always little miracles to the world.

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