Mom Grabs Her Two Children Moments Before Toy Car Bursts into Flames


There are so many things in life that can go wrong. Dangers you didn’t know existed, and injuries you’d never imagined possible.

The internet is a wonderful way to stay informed, but it can also be a scary place. You can see how many dangers exist that you didn’t know about before and — let’s be honest — that you’ll probably never encounter in your own life.

Being aware is a good thing, though, and being observant can help you in pretty much any situation, old or new.

That’s what helped one mom, Michelle Kline of Massachusetts, notice when something went from strange to dangerous.

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Her two kids, a 3-year-old named Quincy and a 16-month-old named Nellie, were driving around in their SporTrax jeep. Small cars for kids are not just adorable, they look like a blast to drive: who wouldn’t want one?

The Klines had gotten the toy recently and assumed it was safe. They’d paid a pretty penny — nearly $600 — for the car, and as Michelle later said, they thought a toy that expensive would be better-constructed.

Just in case, they made sure to take safety precautions like buckling the kids in, and Michelle kept a close eye on them.

But then the toy stopped working. “The car stops, it wasn’t going anymore,” Michelle said, according to People. “I was trying to help my son turn it around, it just stopped working.”

“Immediately, I smelled something electrical burning. There was some smoke coming out of the hood, so I ran up to them and unbuckled them and pulled them out.”

Shortly after getting Quincy and Nellie out of the toy jeep, flames began to engulf the front of the vehicle. The shocked mom filmed as the flames grew high and crackled.

“If I hadn’t been right there, if I hadn’t been very focused and paying attention, it could’ve been really bad. It was so scary,” she said. “It’s crazy how fast bad things happen.”

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The fire department arrived to put out the blaze. Fortunately, no one was hurt, as Michelle was aware and able to remove her kids immediately.

“When it was happening, (my 4-year-old Lucy) was upset then,” Michelle added. “There were some tears. It was definitely a very scary situation. I think we’re still processing it.”

But tears are nothing compared to what could have happened that day. The Klines contacted the website they bought the car from and were refunded for the defunct toy.

“It’s been hard getting answers about why this happened. I put it up on my Instagram … it snowballed pretty quickly. If there’s something out there that’s dangerous for kids, we’re more than happy to share the video,” Michelle said. “It was important to get this out there. It’s been a real eye-opener.”

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