Mom Opens Empty Box for 50th Birthday, But Secret Present Feet Away in Kitchen Leaves Her Sobbing


Being the only one in the room who doesn’t know what’s going on can be extremely frustrating. That’s exactly how Wendy Podpora felt on her 50th birthday.

Before her birthday party, her husband, John, and their two younger sons blindfolded her and told her that they needed to assemble her present. When the blindfold was removed, a large, unwrapped box sat in the middle of the living room.

Of course things weren’t going to be easy. Just like a Russian nesting doll, when she removed the large box, there was another box waiting to be opened underneath. After she opened it, there was only a note instructing her to “look closely to find your present”

She began to carefully search through the paper inside of the box, but when she couldn’t find anything she began guessing. “Is it a box of love? I can feel the love,” she laughed.

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Everyone kept repeating the message in the note, telling her look closely. She kept looking through the paper even inspecting the words printed on the box.

She began to get a little frustrated and even sat down on the couch in defeat. Finally John from behind the camera said, “Well, you’re making an assumption… you may have to actively hunt among the room here… You may have to get on your feet.”

She reluctantly stood back up and asked to be given “hot or cold” clues. Then the camera turns to the left to give a small preview of the present Wendy has yet to find.

Wendy finally turns around towards the breakfast nook and finally sees her present — her son, Logan! She screamed and immediately hugged him as tears of joy streamed down her face.

Logan joined the Navy one year prior. The last time they had seen each other was his graduation from boot camp ten months earlier. After that, he had been attending school in Florida.

Logan previously told his mother that he was not granted leave for Christmas, but would be able to come home sometime in January. Wendy was sad that he would miss both her birthday and Christmas.

But Logan reached out to his dad and told him the real story. He just wanted to surprise his mom for her birthday. So the two devised a plan to keep everything secret.

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But even the sneakiest father-son pair can’t get past a mom’s superpower. Wendy said the thought passed through her head earlier. “I just had this weird inkling. Like, maybe.”

What a sweet moment! Good job, Logan, and thank you for your service.

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