Mom Perplexed When Son Darts Out of House, Heart Melts When She Sees Him with Elderly Neighbor


In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, it’s easy to overlook the needy. We can miss opportunities to help out by doing simple things — even the smallest gesture can make all the difference in the world by making a person feel noticed and valued.

When the holidays hit, the hustle and bustle amps up to a frenetic flurry and it’s a surprise we notice anything but our shopping lists.

Just the other day I was driving to the grocery store when the lady in front of me honked at the car in front of her after it paused for a few seconds — not an unusual occurrence during this time of year.

The car in front had been pulling into a parking spot along the front of a store and stopped halfway. The driver got out, a young man of about college student age, and when the driver behind saw he was leaving his car idling and in the way, she honked and sped around him.

What she didn’t see was that the young man had noticed an elderly gentleman was trying to get into his car in the adjacent parking spot. His arms were loaded up with bags and he was having some trouble opening his car door.

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So the young man popped out of his car to help him get the door open and load up his groceries. If the woman driving behind him had taken a moment to understand the situation, she might have had a little more sympathy and patience.

Take a moment. Breathe. Look around you. Christmas — and life in general — is so much better when you don’t stress out yourself (and others) by rushing everywhere.

Jordan is another young man who has learned this lesson and put it into practice, much to his mother’s delight. What’s more heartwarming than seeing your child go out of his way to do something kind for someone else?

It was a gray, rainy day when Jordan jumped up and ran out of the house with an umbrella. His mother, perplexed, walked to the window to see what had spurred such a reaction.

He’d noticed their elderly neighbor was on his way home, bags in hand, with only a cap and jacket to protect him from the elements.

Jordan must have seen him and felt a desire to help. As she films, the mother says that her son had done this all of his own accord without any prompting whatsoever.


The young man shortened his steps to keep pace with the older man, making sure to hold the umbrella over both of them. He stayed by the neighbor’s side until they got to his gate, and then the elderly man walked the rest of the way to his door by himself.

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“That was so sweet, Jordan,” his mother said in the background.

It’s such a small gesture, but it meant a lot. A little kindness goes a long way.

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