Mom Records Sickening Surveillance Footage after Finding Scratches on Back Door


This next story is like something out of a horror film. Imagine one night being home alone with your two kids, unaware that someone is creeping around outside your home.

Not to mention, you don’t realize the potential danger you could have been in until viewing surveillance footage the very next day.

This is the kind of scenario that left Lisa Mackenzie, a resident of Bridgend, Wales, shaken up in 2015.

One time, the mom of two found scratches on her back door and it appeared someone had tried to break the lock.

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Mackenzie also found a bent wiper blade wire on the ground, which prompted her to install a CCTV system.

Well, it was just her luck that a similar incident would take place yet again. Only this time, Mackenzie found her back gate left open.

Thinking it may have been her kids’ doing, she still decided to check CCTV footage to be on the safe side.

In that viewing, Mackenzie discovered one of the most sickening truths.

“I thought I was paranoid. But now I wish I was paranoid,” she said.

A figure, dressed in a dark hooded jacket and carrying a flashlight, had walked up to her patio, peered through her kitchen window, and looked directly at her CCTV warning sign before attempting to unlock her back door.

The person then left through the backyard without securing the gate.

Mackenzie posted the video to Facebook, which instantly made a buzz. She was appreciative of all the support, but it still didn’t give her much hope.

The spooky footage caused a lot of sleepless nights for the mom. Her way of handling the situation was increasing the security around her home, but South Wales Police was hoping that this would just be an isolated incident in the area.

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“We know that burglars will check many properties for unsecured doors and windows and unfortunately they find them all too often,” said Inspector Richard Weber.

“People should always ensure their houses are secure.”

The CCTV system is what kept Mackenzie vigilant and observant. She’s just hoping people take heed to her video and implement the necessary precautions to protect their home from trespassers.

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