Mom Told to Abort Baby That Will Be Stillborn, 12 oz Preemie Proves Doctors Wrong


Expecting a baby is an exciting time. The ultrasounds can provide a realness to the pregnancy as the expectant parents watch their developing baby move and grow. For one couple, a routine ultrasound left them devastated.

Angela Bakker and her husband Michael were given the worst news possible. They were told that their baby, at just 23 weeks gestation, would not live.

According to the doctors, the placenta was not providing the nutrients that the baby needed, a condition known as intrauterine growth restriction.

Angela and Michael did what many expectant parents would do. They decided to get a second opinion.

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After traveling to the University of California at San Francisco, their fears were confirmed. The doctors there told them that the baby would not live.

The doctors suggested an abortion, but Angela would not hear of it.

“We chose not to, as she was still alive and moving at the time, and we figured she was going to die of natural causes,” she said.

As the delivery time loomed close, Angela began to pray. She prayed for a miracle, for the growth of the baby inside of her womb. And she worried about what would happen during birth.

“She was not supposed to make it past delivery,” said Angela. “We were told she would be dead at birth, or we would hold her until she died in our arms.”

Angela and Michael prepared themselves for that outcome as well. But little did they know that this precious little life was really a warrior.

As little Naomi was born and Angela waited for the doctor to rest her dying baby in her arms, chaos ensued.

Instead of waiting for the new life to die, the doctors rushed the tiny 12 ounce infant out of the room. She was alive and she would fight to stay that way.

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Doctors continued to tell Angela and Michael what a miracle Naomi was and they knew that they had received a gift in her life. But the going was tough as Naomi suffered from lung and intestinal issues while hospitalized.

After spending 142 days in the NICU, Naomi was allowed to come home. “Developmentally, we just see how we go with milestones,” said Angela.

“It’s been quite a journey and so far it’s had a good ending.”

One decision, a choice to try to save a life has ended in joyful celebration. Angela said that she prayed a lot and that was what made all the difference.

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