Mom's Son Just Died. Mom Thought Her Car Radio Was Talking to Her. Mom Was Right


When a loved one passes away, life comes to a painful, overwhelming halt. We are drowning in sorrow, and it seems almost cruel that meanwhile, the world around us keeps on moving.

We still have bills to pay, jobs to work, and other family members who need us, too. With the day-to-day pressures of life, “taking time to grieve” can seem unattainable and overwhelming.

It was Dec. 2014 when a mother from Australia received the life-altering news that her 19-year-old son, Blaine, had passed away. A tragic accident at work claimed the life of the hardworking, kindhearted young man much too soon.

In the wake of Blaine’s death, his mother, Michelle, found herself in the throes of grief. Bills were piling up, and Blaine’s unfinished home renovation projects were a painful, very visual reminder that her son wasn’t coming home.

It was Blaine’s sister, Crystal, who took it upon herself to try and bring her mother some encouragement. She contacted her local radio station and told them of her family’s plight.

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It wasn’t long before Crystal and KIIS 1065 had orchestrated the perfect surprise for Michelle.

With hidden cameras delicately placed inside the car, Michelle hopped in for a supposed trip to the spa with her kids — radio tuned to 1065, of course.

The unassuming mother listened as radio hosts Kyle and Jackie O began to speak of a grieving mom who was feeling the pressure of returning to work and providing for her family.

Crystal pointed at the radio, wearing a surprised look, and connected the dots for her mother. Confusion crossed Michelle’s face as she realized the radio voices were aimed directly at her.

They described the woman they were speaking about, mentioning the color of her shirt and the fact that her children were in the car. But when they mentioned her by name, she realized what was happening.

Blaine’s family was moved to tears as Jackie O spoke about Blaine and how much he’d adored his family. The radio station wanted to give something back to Michelle, and their thoughtful choices left the mother sobbing.

For the next six months, Michelle’s mortgage was to be paid in full. On top of that, Michelle was given $5,000 to pay for the outstanding renovations on her property.

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Through tears, the radio hosts encouraged Michelle to not worry about rushing back to work. Instead, they suggested, accept the feeling of the financial weight being lifted, and take the time to grieve.

“Thank you so much… thank you so much… I can’t believe it,” the grateful mother sobbed.

It can be tempting to power on in life and just focus on surviving, but this radio team was able to allow this mother the space and financial safety to really deal with what had happened.

Nothing can erase the pain associated with losing a child. But the genuine compassion and action of a local community is like a salve, applied with kindness and heartfelt love to ease the pain.

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