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Mother Captures 1-Year-Old's Love of Chick-fil-A in Adorable Birthday Photo Shoot


A South Carolina mother came up with the perfect way to both celebrate her son’s first birthday and highlight their combined love of Chick-fil-A — with an adorable photo shoot.

Kelsey Ledford’s love for the chicken-centric fast food restaurant is not a secret to those closest to her, so it seemed only natural when her young son, Rhett, began showing the same inclinations as her.

“Anyone who knows me or my son knows that our absolute favorite place is Chick-fil-A,” she told Liftable, a brand of the Western Journal. “God’s chicken as I call it.”

“When I was pregnant with Rhett it was my number one pregnancy craving,” she added.

Even Rhett’s first table food when he was only 7 months old was from the Chick-fil-A menu: waffle fries. Needless to say, Chick-fil-A has played a big role in the 1-year-old’s life.

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Ledford told Liftable that the inspiration for the creative pictures came after searching online for different birthday party ideas.

“I noticed that a CFA party and pics had never been done before,” she said. “So I talked to my photographer Kim and we came up with this idea.”

Ledford’s photographer, Kimberly Mullis of Raven Photography, elevated the Chick-fil-A theme to a level that Ledford can only describe as “magic.” Mullis reached out to a friend who owned a farm and asked if the pictures could be taken in the middle of their cow pasture for a playful nod to the fast-food restaurant chain’s mascot.

With the perfect backdrop set and a creative vision in mind, Mullis, Ledford and little Rhett went to the cow pasture to create an ingenious Chick-fil-A themed picnic.

Rhett didn’t show any fear as the cows approached them and was even able to pet a friendly cow named “Cupcake.”

“Rhett never batted an eye, he was zoned in on his nuggets!!” Ledford said.

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The results from the photo shoot are just too cute for words. Unsurprisingly, the photos quickly went viral.

This photo of him looking at the cow while holding a chicken nugget looks like it could be a clever ad campaign.

Ledford’s friends and family have even been trying to catch daytime host Ellen DeGeneres’ attention with the sweet photos. Ledford told Liftable, “My friends and family have been SO supportive and they think he is as adorable as I do!!”

For many, the pictures represent a very relatable love for chicken nuggets, and it may explain why the photos have gone viral so quickly.

For Ledford, however, the photos hold an even deeper meaning. These pictures capture such a precious time in her son’s life while showing off one of his favorite things.

“He is the most loving baby I have ever met and he always has a smile on his little face, especially when eating his favorite nuggets,” she said.

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