Native American Group Tells Commanders to Change Team Name Back to Redskins - Threatens Boycott


A Native American advocacy group urged the NFL’s Washington Commanders to change their name back to the “Washington Redskins,” threatening a Bud Light-style boycott if its request goes ignored.

Eunice Davidson, the founder and president of the Native American Guardians Association, made the demand in a sternly worded letter Monday addressed to the team’s new owners and key leadership.

“As the NFL franchise representing the nation’s capital, you have a distinct opportunity to recognize the history and value of the American Indian,” Davidson wrote in the letter to Commanders managing partner Josh Harris, team president Jason Wright, head coach Ron Rivera and 14 limited partners.

“At this moment in history,” she said, “we are formally requesting that the team revitalize its relationship with the American Indian community by (i) changing the name back to ‘The Redskins,’ which recognizes America’s original inhabitants and (ii) using the team’s historic name and legacy to encourage Americans to learn about, not cancel, the history of America’s tribes and our role in the founding of this Great Nation.”

NAGA threatened to launch a devastating nationwide boycott — akin to the crushing conservative boycott of Bud Light — if its demand for the name change is not met.

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“Should we need to encourage a national boycott similar to what happened with Anheuser Busch (Bud Light) which is now down $27 billion (note, not one brick thrown, not one highway blocked, not one bridge burned) — WE WILL DO JUST THAT,” wrote Davidson, whom the NAGA website describes as “a full-blood Dakota Sioux and an enrolled member of the Spirit Lake Tribe from North Dakota.”

Essentially, NAGA said it objected to the name change because doing so erased the distinguished, longstanding association the Native American community had with the three-time Super Bowl champs.

Do you think the Commanders should change their name back to Redskins?

“As you are undoubtedly aware, the Redskins had a long and mutually beneficial relationship with the American Indian community, dating back to their founding in 1932,” Davidson wrote.

She said the Native American Guardians Association never objected to the moniker “Redskins” because the term was not racist or offensive.

Indeed, the group argued, having a prominent championship NFL team use a name that invokes the proud history of Native Americans was a badge of honor.

“We are passionate supporters of the Washington Redskins and its rich history. We write to you today as a collective voice, urging you to reconsider the recent name change from the Redskins to the Commanders,” Davidson wrote.

“We believe that restoring the original name, the Redskins, is the right decision for the team, its loyal fanbase, and the legacy it represents.”

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In 2020, the Washington franchise — then owned by Daniel Snyder — decided to change its name amid ongoing pressure from left-wing mobs who claimed the term was racist and offensive.

In February 2022, the team unveiled its insipid new name: the Commanders.

Like many longtime fans of the team, NAGA objected to the name change and wants to see it changed back.

In June, group member Daniel Fazzolare started an online petition to bring back the Washington Redskins.

“The name ‘Redskins’ carries deep cultural, historical, and emotional significance, honoring the bravery, resilience, and warrior spirit associated with Native American culture,” the petition says. “It was never intended as a derogatory or offensive term but as a symbol of respect and admiration.

“Changing the name abruptly disregards the positive legacy that the Redskins name has built over the years and disorients the passionate fans who have invested their emotions, time, and unwavering support in the team.”

The petition continues: “We acknowledge the concerns surrounding cultural sensitivity and the need to foster inclusivity. However, we firmly believe that there are alternative ways to honor and respect Native American heritage without erasing it.”

The petition also criticizes the new name as bland and uninspiring.

“The name ‘Commanders’ fails to capture the essence, tradition, and historical weight associated with the Redskins,” it says. “It lacks the uniqueness, emotional connection, and pride that our team’s original name embodies.

“The change to ‘Commanders; dilutes our team’s identity and weakens the connection with its devoted fanbase. By restoring the Redskins name, we reinstate a symbol of unity, strength, and shared identity that has inspired generations of fans.”

On Thursday, NAGA posted an update on the petition, saying, “We are now officially over 𝟕𝟕,𝟎𝟎𝟎 signatures!”

As of Friday morning, the petition has garnered more than 79,000 signatures.

Hopefully, this debacle will send the message to condescending leftists that their efforts to sow division by lecturing minorities that they “should be” offended will backfire on them in epic fashion.

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