Naughty Thieving Dog Goes Viral After Mom Posts Hilarious Video of Him in Action


Maybe you have a pet with an adorably charming mischevious side. You know what I mean.

On the one hand, your pet’s behavior can be really inconvenient at times, like when the dog hides the car keys (again).

Don’t leave your shoes in the living room, otherwise, you’re not getting them back. Yes, Fido knows that shoes are off limits, but Fido also has a penchant for provoking you by slobbering all over your favorite sneakers.

How many of us have lost a sandwich (or 100) because we left it unattended for two milliseconds? Fido!

But when your pet is a beloved family member, her naughty tendencies are really just one more reason to absolutely adore her.

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Take, for example, this golden retriever named Archie. He has a nickname: Thieving Archie.

Archie lives in Pennsylvania with his humans and fur siblings. One might describe Archie as playful, clever and comically mischevious.

Archie is a professional when it comes to stealing things from around the house.

He’s so proud of himself each time he snatches up someone’s sock, or a piece of pretend fruit, or the remote control.

You name it, Archie probably has his eye on it. You call him out, and Archie’s running away, clutching his newfound treasure in his slobbery puppy jaws.

Over the years, Archie’s human has put together some pretty compelling video evidence against her beloved thieving dog.

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In less than two minutes, Thieving Archie is repeatedly seen guilty as charged — but he is oh, so loved. His eyes hold a glimmer of mischief that dog-lovers can relate to.

Dog people just can’t resist those guilty eyes. Even when you really do need your wallet.

Someone needs to inform Archie that he is a golden retriever. And typically, Archie, retrieving usually means finding and returning.

Archie’s antics can be followed on Instagram, where you can also meet his two cat siblings. Just use caution, Thieving Archie might steal your heart, too.

Archie’s video has racked up over 11 million views on Facebook, all thanks to his obsession with theft (and irresistible puppy face).

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