Newborn Reportedly Abandoned Just Hours After Birth, Left on Porch in 93 Degree Heat

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A newborn baby girl in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, was rescued Tuesday when a good Samaritan discovered her abandoned on a neighbor’s porch in the heat of the day.

As Terrell Phillips was walking by a home, he saw what he thought was an animal wrapped in a towel on a back porch. Curious, he took a closer look at the strange bundle and couldn’t believe what he found.

“She was sleeping,” he told WCAU of the bundled up, hours-old newborn he discovered. “No crying. Very quiet. She was just there. When I picked the baby up and opened the towel up the baby still had the umbilical cord on her.”

“I thought it was some sort of animal or something in there at first but when I saw a little arm I walked over and saw the baby.”

Outside, the temperature was 93 degrees. Phillips hurried to call 911 and find help. He then located the homeowner, who was just as stunned as he was.

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“I don’t know anything about this baby,” the homeowner said. “Do you?” He added that he had been outside his house around 9 a.m that morning and had not noticed anything unusual, least of all a baby on his porch.

Because of this, the child’s rescuers assumed that she might have been out in the heat for several hours before Phillips found her around 12:30 that afternoon.

After authorities arrived, the baby was taken to Delaware County Hospital where she was examined and reported to be uninjured and unharmed by the high temperatures.

The police have begun an investigation to identify the baby’s mother. If identified, she will most likely face criminal charges for endangering the child’s life.

Since news of the rescue has started to spread, many have expressed interest in adopting the baby. At this time, however, the Upper Darby Police Department is only looking for information about the identity of the little girl’s parents.

The newborn’s rescuers, however, are just thankful she is doing well and is on her way to finding a good home.

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The owner of the house where she was found expressed how grateful he was that they were able to save her in time.

“Just God’s luck that I was home and Terrell came out at the same time,” he said. Phillips is also hopeful that the baby will find her way into the home of good people who love her and treasure her.

“I just want the best for that little girl, that’s all,” he added.

Under the Newborn Protection Act, also known as the Safe Haven law, parents in a crisis situation can surrender an unharmed child under 28 days old at hospitals, police stations and fire stations without fear of being charged with abandonment.

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Laura Stewart was an associate story editor and news and lifestyle contributor for The Western Journal.
Laura Stewart was an associate story editor and news and lifestyle contributor for The Western Journal.
Phoenix, AZ