News Anchor Releases Touching Pro-Life Message for Unborn, Terminal Baby - 'God Has a Plan for Her'


She is a news anchor for WISH-TV in Indianapolis and shared her pregnancy news with her viewer “family.” Married with a son already, for Brooke Martin and her husband, the prospect of a little brother or sister for their child was exciting news for her family, co-workers and viewers alike.

But life isn’t always fair and when Martin saw the doctor for a lingering case of bronchitis she found out her baby girl has anencephaly. It is a rare and fatal condition.

Many couples with such a pregnancy are advised to abort. The Martins opted to share the news with Brooke Martin’s viewers, along with the couple’s decision about their baby girl.

While the video, published by WISH on Nov. 1, is approximately 7 minutes long, it is Brooke and her husband, Cole, telling their story in their own words. As strong as both appear to be, there are times when Martin is clearly choking back tears as she shares the heartbreaking news.


But their heartbreak isn’t all that the couple share in their story. Their respect for life and faith in God come shining through, despite the pain they are enduring. They have named their daughter Emma Noelle, a form of the name “Emmanuel,” which means “God is with us.”

Even though they know little Emma may not make it to full term, or if she does, only live a few hours or maybe even days, the couple have opted to keep the pregnancy going and to love the child all they can while they have her.

Do you think Brooke and Cole Martin are doing the right thing?

Martin stated that she believes “God has a plan” for their baby.

“We are heartbroken, you guys. We are so sad. But on the other hand, we are so confident that God has a plan for Emma, that he is going to redeem her story.”

In a WISH interview after the initial video, Martin shared how difficult the situation is for her, along with her faith throughout. ” … (I)t’s the hardest thing I’ve ever been through, but what I can tell you honestly — the overwhelming peace I have felt throughout this entire journey so far, and it’s just begun — has been unbelievable,” she said.

“We have felt such a comfort and peace, and I know that a lot of that is from an outpouring of support we have received from everyone. You never know until you get news like this how you’ll receive it, and we can just say that the Lord has been faithful, and we have been incredibly at peace.”

As rare as the condition is — Martin mentioned a CDC statistic of 3 in 10,000 births — social media has a lot of stories of people who were given the same devastating news Brooke and Cole got. Many opted for abortion, some sharing that they felt it was the least painful choice.

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But there are those who chose as Brooke and Cole did. And in the aftermath, some still believe it was the right call.

In 2015, Live Action News shared the story written by Kari WIlliams about her choice to keep going with her pregnancy with baby Marley. Her daughter only lived five hours after her birth, but to Kari, it was inspiration to reach out to others to share what she learned from her experience.

Williams has started a Facebook page to raise awareness. She wrote, “My hopes are to help other mothers dealing with similar situations. I want people to see that you don’t have to be scared into termination or inducing early because society deems your child imperfect and incompatible with life.”

“Marley was perfect, and she was compatible with life and love. She lived for 5 beautiful hours and I am blessed for that and blessed that I was chosen to be her mommy.”

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