Newsmax Anchor Digs Into Mainstream Media's 'Unified Reich' Trump Claim and Discovers a Ridiculous Hoax


Editor’s Note: Our readers responded strongly to this story when it originally ran; we’re reposting it here in case you missed it.

Newsmax anchor Rob Schmitt deftly dismantled the establishment media’s latest contrived smear against former President Donald Trump with a brutal on-air smackdown.

The manufactured left-wing outrage erupted May 20, shortly after a video created by a Trump supporter was reposted on the former president’s Truth Social account.

At the time, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee was in a New York City courtroom, so it seems unlikely he personally shared the post.

The ad begins with a narrator asking, “What happens after Donald Trump wins? What’s next for America?”

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The narrator then reads a series of hypothetical headlines such as “The Economy Booms!” “The Border Is Closed” and “Law & Order Restored.”

A historical newspaper template styled as vintage newspaper clippings was used in the montage.

President Joe Biden and his campaign account reacted by accusing Trump of “echoing the language of Nazi Germany” and “tipping his hat to white supremacy and white nationalism.”

They said one of the articles in the video lionized the “creation of a unified Reich.”

I watched the ad five times and was unable to find this headline, which was barely visible.

Predictably, the Democratic Party’s race-hustling media stooges hyped the contrived talking point.

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In a May 21 segment on “Rob Schmitt Tonight,” the Newsmax host shot down their narrative as he laid out the facts about the campaign ad.

Schmitt began by saying, “You know, it’s difficult to convey just how fake the American establishment media really is, and how exasperating it is to have to refute organizations full of people who disingenuously call themselves ‘journalists’ and debunk their nonstop BS.”

After showing a montage of left-wing media minions parroting the same talking point, he noted that hardly any news outlet showed the full ad in question.

“You probably haven’t even seen it yet,” Schmitt said. “Because seeing it would lead any sensible-minded person to just roll their eyes, realizing they were duped again by the ‘outrage machine.'”

Do you trust the mainstream media?

“And with that, we’re going to play this ad, which was not produced by Trump’s campaign, by the way, and was simply reposted by the president while he was in court on Monday,” he said.

After showing the ad in its entirety, Schmitt asked, “Did you even see it? So you see what we have right here: Some Trump supporter did some fancy editing to create a pro-Trump ad in a vintage journalistic style.”

“It’s actually a really good ad, which has absolutely nothing to do with a German Reich of any kind,” he said. “And we investigated this. We actually found the editor’s template which was used for this.”

The Newsmax host continued, “You can buy this [editor’s template] online. It’s called ‘Newspaper Vintage History Headlines Promo.’ If you wanted to make a vintage ad, this is exactly how you would do it.”

“It basically uses a collection of old news headlines and subheadlines and articles from like the early 1900s, one of which was ‘German Industrial Strength Significantly Increased After 1871 Driven by the Creation of a Unified Reich.'”

He underscored that the headline had nothing to do with Hitler or Nazi Germany because that was “50 years before anybody was talking about the Nazis and the atrocities that would come.”

“It has nothing to do with anything,” Schmitt said. “These are just old headlines.”

He said the left-wing media deliberately didn’t play the whole ad because they’re stoking fake outrage to gaslight the public in order to undermine Trump.

Independent journalist Kyle Becker shared a video of Schmitt’s segment on X and said, “You’ve been duped again by the Fake News Media, America.”

“Add the ‘Unified Reich Hoax’ to the list,” he said. “Newsmax’s @SchmittNYC did a great job exposing the hoax.”

Amid the media outrage, the campaign video was deleted from Trump’s Truth Social account.

But like most frivolous liberal media narratives — such as the Russia “collusion” hoax — it will backfire bigly and continue to erode the media’s dwindling credibility.

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