Normalizing Self-Destruction: How the Woke, Body-Positive, Anti-Diet Movements Are Endangering Lives


The normalization of obesity is grounded in power and corruption rather than anything good or noble, despite what the anti-diet and health-at-any-size crowds try to sell the excessively overweight.

The health implications alone of lugging around a body mass index exceeding 30 fly in the face of all contradictory arguments, reality and rationale.

Being fat or excessively fat is not an optimal lifestyle or conducive to longevity.

Nor should it be a source of shaming, however.

That said, there is a time for body positivity, without a doubt. But there is nothing body-positive about placing your life in jeopardy at the cost of an extra hamburger. Sheer logic and observation need only be applied.

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And yet the normalization of obesity — and equally so, living overweight — has been placed at the center of American politics and culture, resulting in one side strong-arming the other into accepting non-normative behaviors.

The cunning ploy of profiteers and power mongers devised to strategically destabilize and weaken the United States while cleverly enslaving its people takes the devastating and ravenous epidemic to a whole new dangerous level.

Since 1976-1980, Americans’ waistlines have been growing rapidly, according to a 2022 study called “The Origins of the Obesity Epidemic in the USA: Lessons for Today” shared by the National Library of Medicine.

It has resulted in a “70 percent increase in adults and 85 percent increase in kids since 2015-2016,” according to a 2019 report titled “The State of Obesity: Better Policies for a Healthier America.”

The mainstreaming of obesity, the self-love messaging being tied to it and the removal of accountability, ownership and responsibility toward one’s personal health and welfare aren’t designed to elevate but to subjugate at the hands of the liberal left, the progressives, the Democrats and those elite remiss of consciences for self-serving reasons. Their army is the woke champions of “anything goes so long as it feels good.”

This despite the World Health Organization defining obesity as an “abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that presents a risk to health.” Or all of the health repercussions the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention link to obesity, including early death, hypertension, high cholesterol, Type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease, stroke, gallbladder disease, sleep apnea, breathing problems, osteoarthritis and many types of cancers.

With friends like these, who needs enemies?

The irony that such evil is being built on the backs of three of the seven deadly sins shouldn’t escape the reader — gluttony, sloth and pride. God nor truth knows no place where money and control are to be gained by evil and its handmaids.

The socially concerned mask applied is simply that. Even the medical community required a workaround to bypass the government in an effort to obtain the treatment the obese patients require. According to a study called “The Implications of Defining Obesity as a Disease: a Report from the Association for the Study of Obesity 2021 annual conference,” as shared by The Lancet in April 2023, this is the only reason obesity was reclassified as a disease from a condition.

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TikToker and physician Ever Arias used the sudden and early death of morbidly obese body-positivity influencer Brittany Sauer as a prime example of the travesty obesity can invite onto oneself in choosing to negate fact for fantasy.

“Obesity in general is one of the most leading causes of chronic illnesses that we know today,” Arias said. “And it is very difficult to discuss this without really being honest with you guys and understanding that, of course, there’s a lot of socio-economic issues with obesity. But I think it is important to understand that it is a problem today.

“The reason she ended up passing away is that obesity causes someone to have pulmonary problems. It causes someone to have skin infections. Obesity hypoventilation syndrome, which causes blood pressure to increase in the pulmonary arteries, and that in itself could cause someone to pass away.

“Unfortunately, that happened to her.”

@everariasmd Body positivity tiktok brittany sauer passed away at 28 years old from obesity #bodypositivity #obesity #brittanysauer #doctorreacts #physician #medical #doctor #medicine ♬ Spooky, quiet, scary atmosphere piano songs – Skittlegirl Sound

Arias would go on to explain in that same video that Sauer switched gears on her advocacy for body positivity and obesity just a few days before her death — sharing with fans how she ruined her life with food, binge eating and lack of self-care — only it was too late. Apparently, she wanted her fans to know that they were in control of their lives and health.

As obesity steals 15.7 years from a person’s lifespan, on average; places adults and children at a higher risk for disease; adds to the cost of direct and indirect medical expenses in the United States by $149 billion; and is the primary reason young adults are denied acceptance into the U.S. military, you would think a government and society that want the best for people would put a quick and deliberate end to the narrative that fat is fine and morbid obesity is role-model-worthy.

Instead, we are treated to the spectacle of rapper Chika, a morbidly obese, body-positive influencer, appearing on a Calvin Klein billboard with little pushback.

One comment on X congratulated her for breaking through social barriers:

With the Biden administration and its many partners emboldening counterculture and a wrongful ideology that bypasses fact, it is showing its true colors.

Instead of waging war where war should be waged, including on social campaigns that mitigate health and wellness, on companies that produce garbage products and call them food, and on culprits directly and indirectly inducing sedentary lifestyles and the results thereof, they play to the hand that keeps them in-charge and growing.

It is all that they care about and the reason they legitimize the insanity by adding the newest letter, incentivize it by supporting demands for special treatment, and pass incomprehensible laws to protect and corrupt. In order to ingratiate, they capitulate. Any grievances to the contrary make you a racist.

Compare this with Japan, which established the Metabo Law in 2008 to control even the slightest increase in obesity in the nation that was beginning to emerge. It has reduced its obesity rate to 4.5 percent while ours soars at 42 percent, even with drugs like Ozempic available.

Or Denmark, which in 2011 applied a “fat tax” to all unhealthy products that could result in additional weight gain.

Or Singapore, which continues to build parks to promote healthy living and provides tax subsidies for families whose adult kids choose to live near their parents.

You can hardly say that our government is working in this regard for the betterment of its people or our nation as a whole.

Then again, this isn’t the only issue that strikes that chord. It raises the question as to what the real endgame is, doesn’t it? If you don’t know, you are probably still in the dark about the rest too.

Yes, obesity in the United States is both a health and a cultural issue. But the normalization of it is pure politics.

The ramifications are dangerous and life-threatening — no different from the feminization of men, the squashing of faith, the breakdown of the family and the re-education of our children in ways that have made them easy prey to evil.

This is how far we’ve gone as a society, and it’s much too far.

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Laura J. Wellington is an award-winning children's television creator, author, blogger and technology entrepreneur. A TED Speaker, she is the founder of the THREAD MB blog as well as the ZNEEX app.
Laura J. Wellington is an award-winning children's television creator, author, blogger and technology entrepreneur. A TED Speaker, she is the founder of the THREAD MB blog as well as the ZNEEX app.